AVMA Animal Welfare Division Updates Laboratory Animal Page

Check out the Role of Veterinarians page to learn about important work fellow veterinarians are doing in the field of animal research.


Veterinary medicine is a very diverse profession, but some practice types are sometimes less visible to the general public, or even to veterinary colleagues. The AVMA Animal Welfare page aims to provide an easy way to access the AVMA policies and resources that relate to animal welfare across the full range of the profession. This webpage began with some core pages relating to general categories of animals, and now resources are being added in the section relating to research, testing and teaching.

The AVMA is committed to supporting the role of veterinarians in productive and responsible animal research that benefits animals and humans. Please visit the AVMA Animal Welfare Laboratory Animals page to see the first stage of development for our new pages that highlight how veterinarians take part in research and protect and advance the welfare of research animals.

We welcome your input and ideas. Comments and corrections can be sent to Ekane@avma.org. If you are an AVMA member involved in some way in research testing or teaching and would like to share your story, recently published research or other accomplishment, please send a brief summary, link, and where possible an accompanying picture (and picture credit) to the same address.

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