Protect pets during Fourth of July celebrations

July4-FireworksFourth of July pet safety, a new resource from the AVMA, is now available on our website for you to share with clients. Independence Day is a lot of fun, but with the noise from fireworks – not to mention the hazards posed by food, fireworks debris, and the heat – it can be a scary time for animals.

Advance preparation is an important part of making sure pets are safe on this holiday, and this new resource emphasizes the importance of taking precautions to keep pets safe before, during, and after July 4th celebrations. In addition to reminders about microchipping, keeping pets at home and away from fireworks displays, maintaining a safe and secure environment, and keeping holiday foods away from pets, it also reminds pet owners to check their property for dangerous debris after the celebrations are over. And it’s not just about dogs and cats; it also includes information for horse and livestock owners.

By following the advice in this resource, your clients – and their pets – can have a safe and happy Fourth of July. For even more tips, we also have a podcast on Fourth of July pet safety. Please feel free to share the resource and podcast on your social media feeds and link to them from your website.

One thought on “Protect pets during Fourth of July celebrations

  1. It’s always best to noise-train your pets and make them get used to it. Even if the festivities are over, you’re still not in the clear, especially if your dogs are still afraid of the sky lighting up with bright colors and explosions.Start training them now!