Euthanasia and cats: an arrow, a captive bolt gun, and gunshot are not the same

We were surprised by the District Attorney’s reference to the AVMA and our Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2013 Edition in conveying the June  “no bill” decision of the Austin County grand jury in the Kristen Lindsey case. The AVMA was neither consulted nor asked to provide information regarding the case, and we were not aware that the Guidelines would be presented in this way. Based on the statements in the press release, the District Attorney’s application of the Euthanasia Guidelines was seriously flawed. An arrow is neither a captive bolt nor a gunshot.

Below is the section of the Guidelines that addresses the use of captive bolts and gunshot for euthanasia of companion animals. The bold highlighting is added to help ensure that conditions for use of these methods are clear.

Section 1.3.3 of the Guidelines addresses physical methods for euthanizing companion animals.

The following is an excerpt from page 45 of the Guidelines regarding the use of a captive bolt for euthanizing companion animals:

Penetrating captive bolt—Use of a penetrating captive bolt by trained personnel in a controlled laboratory setting has been described as an effective and humane method of euthanasia for rabbits and dogs. The bolt must be placed directly against the skull; therefore, safe and effective application of the technique may be facilitated by pre-euthanasia sedation or anesthesia. Penetrating captive bolt is not recommended as a routine approach to the euthanasia of dogs, cats, or other small companion animals, and should not be used when other methods are available and practicable.

Page 45 of the Guidelines also includes information about the use of gunshot for the euthanasia of companion animals as follows:

Gunshot—Gunshot should only be performed by highly skilled personnel trained in the use of firearms (eg, animal control and law enforcement officers, properly trained veterinarians) and only in jurisdictions that allow for legal firearm use. A method acceptable with conditions, use of gunshot may be appropriate in remote areas or emergency situations in which withholding death by gunshot will result in prolonged, unrelieved pain and suffering of the animal or imminent danger to human life. Protocols for ensuring a humane death by gunshot have been described and preferred anatomical sites for use of gunshot for dogs and cats are provided in Figures 8 and 9, respectively. Pre-euthanasia sedation (eg, medication added to food) is recommended, whenever possible, for cats since they may be difficult to shoot humanely. Gunshot is not recommended as a routine approach to the euthanasia of dogs, cats, or other small companion animals, and should not be used when other methods are available and practicable.

Use of a bow and arrow is not addressed when discussing recommended approaches for the euthanasia of cats. Based on the image attributed to Dr. Lindsey and shared on social media, we cannot determine if the cat died immediately.

The AVMA does have policy that addresses the management of unowned free-roaming, abandoned, and feral cats. AVMA policy suggests they be humanely captured, with placement in homes when appropriate, and provides some recommendations for the management of feral cat colonies. Whether the establishment of managed colonies is appropriate varies with local needs and environment. All free-roaming abandoned and feral cats that are not in managed colonies should be removed from their environment and treated in the same manner as other abandoned and stray animals in accord with local and state ordinances.

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169 thoughts on “Euthanasia and cats: an arrow, a captive bolt gun, and gunshot are not the same

  1. I am deeply disturbed by the image and the callousness this veterinarian showed toward this cat. Regardless of whether or not the animal was feral she took an oath as a doctor of veterinarian medicine. To make the claim that she would accept an award for this is reprehensible. It makes me question not only her ethics but her mental capacity.

    • The slaughter of Cecil is disturbing beyond comprehension. The slaughter of Tiger by Kristen Lindsey was no different. AND SHE IS ONE OF YOUR OWN! Does that make it ok for her? Is that why nothing has been written here about that terrible injustice? Help mr understand.

      • @Linda Arvin: You should at least take time to read the article and some posted comments before you post comments yourself; you are way off base!

  2. And that woman calls herself a veterinarian. Why in the world would you kill an animal you’re supposed to treat. Seriously though, we shouldn’t judge her as a horrible human being. We’ve all made foolish decisions at some point in our lives… but still, Tiger (name of the cat) deserves some sort of justice.

  3. *** Please remember that this, the AVMA, is NOT the organization that can grant and revoke licenses to practice. The AVMA is and has been a great resource for animals everywhere, but they have nothing to do with licenses. As others have said further down:

    If we want her license revoked, we need to contact the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

    If it is revoked, any other state that she applies in will find out about the reason for the revocation. Seems like the best course to me.

    • At the TBVME website, anyone can look up public information about Texas vets. Again, this information is publicly available; I’m simply pasting it here. It was accessed today:

      12622 Active Lindsey, Kristen Erin Brenham, TX

      So the license is not revoked. If you want the “Active” to say “Revoked” call the TBVME.

  4. I want to thank you for speaking the truth. No one in this has done that. I am very impressed that you had the courage to do the right thing Thank you

  5. Please don’t let this happen to any more animal’s.
    Just think about all the helpless animals it’s bad enough they have no say in their short lives. Don’t torture them ad well. 🙁

  6. I hear that you have allowed her to continue practicing. Is this true? If so, you are no better than her. She needs to lose her license.

  7. Thank you for speaking up. I am surprised the DA did not consult with AVMA or any vet association. I hoe that everything will be done by other vets to make sure she loses her license and is never near other people’s animals or owns any. I hope the owner pursues some kind of civil case.

  8. Kristen Lindsey isn’t fit to shovel excrement at an animal shelter. If she continues to practice veterinary medicine or even work near animals, she is making a mockery of the whole profession. To top it off, she posted a truly ugly photo for children to see. Imagine how the children who bring their pets to her must feel now?

    • This response took so long! Anyone human in the D.A’s office who cares about animal welfare!

  9. I’m disgusted to think, she may get away with the horrific crime she has committed. This so called sicko who claims oath as a Veterinarian, to care and a treat all ife in her professional ability,has broken oath to all of us.This leaving a sour taste in all our mouths. It is a shame that some care not for the life of an animal,to quick to kill and find justification in their behavior.

    We cannot call the for the outcome of this case however,we can all be a voice in the eyes of the law for this poor creature who did indeed matter. It will take some standing against and pushing onward but, we can all end her career by making our presence known and our feelings felt. We all need to take a stand and petition the sourt for her punishment and loss to practice Veterinary Medicine in the United States…

    I’m an animal rights advocate and I have seen some horrible things over my many years being the voice for so many…Please all of us need to be heard and petition the court. The more in numbers, the better the chances she will never practice Medicine as a Vet again !

    Thank you

  10. It isn’t a TX thing it is a DA that is not doing his job. I am outraged as ur by this and I was raised my whole life there. Let’s talk I am so upset I have lost see trying to find a way to keep above mentioned from ever being able to work as a vet.. so please don’t lump her in with TX bc she is from Wyoming.. where they have even stranger lives…

  11. I am amazed at how the DA has so little regard for the laws he is supposed to be enforcing. By Texas own law there was no excuse for the vet to shot an arrow at the cat be it owned, stray or feral. The rabies excuse is completely lame as there would have been a body to examine. She took an oath, a promise, a convent to be the healer of those who cannot speak for themselves. She should have her license revoked. The DA took an oath to uphold the laws. He has not done his duty. He shield be removed from office.

  12. Revoke her license. She violated the oath:
    “Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the
    protection of animal health and welfare,
    the prevention and relief of animal suffering,
    the conservation of animal resources,
    the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.”

    Whereas a bow and arrow is not relieving animal suffering as just stated by the AVMA. Oh and she proudly murdered someone’s cat… Poor kitty 🙁

  13. All I want to know is how is this Kristen Lindsey allowed to keep her veterinary license? Anyone capable of this level of callous cruelty has no business touching any animal ever. And her pathological hatred of cats should be a warning sign.

    • I agree. I think the DA local to this area needs to read what AVMA put up here, and take another serious look at this case. If that does not happen, then the DA needs to resign.

  14. I just want to say thank you for clarifying this for those of us watching this unfold. Having your expansion on the facts of a ‘bolt to the head’ and it’s true meaning, to correct the inaccurate usage of the information as reported previously by the District Attorney in this particular case, has reassured me to some small measure.

  15. I can never understood so called humans hurting animal and what I cant understand is she is a vet this poor excuses for a human should face chargers like every other insane person that halms poor defenseless animals makes me so sick


  17. It occurs to me that for all the public outcry(albeit, rightly so), I would be more than surprised if anything in the way of justice will be followed through regarding what should be the utter and complete denial of her job future as Vet or in contact with ANY animals at all , which should have already be decisively been taken away. It appears she has since gone ‘underground’, once the very fact , Kristen Lindsey, on public media admitted she committed this crime and also noted her family paid out some Large sums of money to get her through school and because of her disgusting unethical behavior, are paying in keeping her out of jail. I wouldn’t put it past them to have considered sending her off to another country to work under an alias . As stated in so many posts, her total public display of cruelty and narcissistic/sociopath behavior has long been enabled, but by no means should be condoned or excused. For all those looking for answers and justice, stay vigilant and vocal.

  18. Seriously, this disgusted me.

    I’ve been fighting for animal rights for those who can not speak and my own court case against someone who abused my beautiful cat Fred. NO CAT DESERVES AN ARROW THROUGH THEIR HEAD!! Especially from a vet. This girl needs to be punished to show others that like to abuse and kill animals that we don’t stand for it!!

    Enough is enough, they get away with it and then do it again. 2 years later she will murder a human then she will be charged and have jail time. Animals have feelings too!

    Tiger belonged to a family and this girl ruined it all. No apology or regret. She has no emotions which leads to serial killers roaming the streets.

  19. She is disgrace!! Please do not let this lady get away with murder!! His life was taken away by somebody who should of saved him! Do not let he get away with this!!

  20. Kristen needs to lose her license and to never be allowed to get them in any state, she should never be allowed to work with or help another animal ever again. Tiger was a inisent animal that had someone that love him and took care of him and Kristen thought it would be fun to shot him for no reason.

  21. PLEASE don’t Euthanize cats, I have had many all my life they are so special and each has their own personalities! THEY DESERVE TO LIVE!!!

  22. I am under the impression the Ms. Lindsey was questioned regarding the incident in which she killed this cat with her bow & arrow. I have heard that Ms. Lindsey’s reasoning was that she feared the cat was rabid & a potential threat to her animals. What I would like to know is: What did Ms. Lindsey do with the carcass of this supposed “rabid & feral” cat that she killed? If the cat was rabid – is there a special protocol to dispose of rabid animals? As a veterinarian why did she not have a necropsy done on the dead animal to confirm her reason for killing the cat? What happened to the body of this animal? And, why was all the evidence of her boasting regarding her repugnant behavior destroyed by the perpetrator? Justice was not given to that poor cat that was shot with a bow and arrow. One can only hope this person’s career as a veterinarian is over and that she is never allowed to practice again.

  23. Are those guidelines from the 1700sby chance? How inhumane, what is this bolt business? Why not just take a hammer then and bludgeon them to death??? This just makes me so angry reading this!

    • If you read the guidelines completely you will see that these are described as possible techniques but not the recommended if there are better options available. They even suggest anesthesia for these techniques to make it as humane as possible. Unfortunately, in the real world everything doesn’t always work out in the most ideal way. Nothing described here is anything like beating an animal with a hammer.

  24. That woman SHOULD NEVER be allowed to be near any animal or work as a veterinarian EVER again.

  25. Take the dame’s license. She does not display ethics require of a veterinarian. Even
    the worst vet I’ve encountered would never have glorid in having shot an cat, not with a gun, not with a bolt, not with anything.

  26. This is sick.They saw her holding cat she killed with insane grin on her face.It had given me nitemares an feel sick.If it was feral,but wasnt they wont hurt u.then animal control should been called.I am not saying pleaseBeg U to fo your job an right thing.Anyone who hurts animals would hurt kid or person.

  27. By the AVMA’s own statement, it is clear that the action taken by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey go against the standards and practices set forth by the AVMA. As a pet doctor, a professional who is educated in the veterinarian standards of “humane euthanasia” and that other means may be used to stop an alleged stray cat, (ie using a trap), it is abundantly clear that this was not a case of defense.

    Please honor your mission to help pets and revoke the license of Kristen Lindsey.

    Christine Michaels

  28. Please revoke her license effective immediately and for life. My late father, Maurice Miller, DVM, University of Missouri Class of 1950, would be appalled at the actions of this person, regardless of whether the cat was feral or a loose pet. She is an embarrassment to the profession; please take prompt action.

  29. What would it take for you to revoke Kristen Lindsey’s license so she never touches an animal again??? It is incomprehensible why you would choose anything less… It is pretty obvious that you do not care about a defenseless pet suffering such a horrific death. So what would it take for you to do the right thing???

    • N, the AVMA does not have the authority to revoke any veterinarian’s license. Veterinary medicine is regulated at the state level, so only the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has the power to discipline her license.

      • I have filed a formal complaint with the Texas Veterinary Board. Have also talked with them on the phone. But if her veterinarian license is revoked by this Board, couldn’t she just go to another state? There should be a NATIONAL board that could deny this woman any possibilty to practice veterinary medicine in ANY state!

    • Please file a formal complaint with the Texas Veterinary Board. The more that complain, hopefully, the more they will listen to the outrage and revoke her license.

  30. The vet needs to go to jail. The DA needs to go to jail for helping Kristen makeup lies. Let me explain what can happen when you condone wrong doing. I protested strongly allowing her to go scott free. Since I took a strong stand a strangled cat has been put outside my front door in the front yard. The cat was a ferral. The next week my cat was shot. Bullet still in leg. Leg bone broken. I’ve lived here twenty years and no cat hurt. This could be a reaction to my stand OR it could be that others just think it’s ok to hurt animals because no consequences will happen to them.

    • This kind of retaliation against you and other cats should be made very public. What is your town? Your town has people that believe its ok to now torture other small animals and torture you and your animals… that’s some serious serious hate and evil being condoned in your city. To start hurting other cats now.. see what the DA has inspired? see what Ms mental Kristen has lead ppl to believe you can do and its ok?

  31. She put such a horrible blot on your good profession. I hope that you will not allow her to continue enjoying the benefits of being a veterinarian when she so clearly has no respect for the hard work and dedication that most vets display. Do not allow her to continue with an operational license. She has shown her true colors.

    The DA of Austin County obviously did not try very hard. Facebook, cell phones all keep data on their servers. Claiming they could not get the pictures to get their meta data to see who posted when is patently false. They also gave her plenty of time, allowing her to come in and speak with them at HER convenience, to destroy the body, so they could not examine it, one of the other reasons they refused to indict. Shameful all around. Please distance yourself from their entire situation by revoking her license and refusing to allow her to benefit in any way from this since she’s obviously not going to be punished.

  32. I cannot believe that the Texas DA is NOT going after this sick woman who called herself a veterinarian. She should NEVER work as a vet again and is definitely NOT someone that I would want treating my pets. I am a Native Texan and am ashamed that the Texas DA will not do his JOB!

    • Please revoke this woman’s license. She does not need to be providing any type of care to anyone’s pet. She is an insult to the Veterinary profession.

      • I sent a letter to Animal Legal Defense. They need to know when something like this happens because they are working to get stricter punishment for horrors like this. The ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Humane Society and many others are trying to step up for the protection of the rights of animals since they cannot fight back against their abusers…especially if the abuser is someone trusted like a vet.

  33. IMHO anyone that uses an arrow, bolt gun, or gunshot, is a sick twisted [series of expletives] and what does that say about the AVMA that it condones the latter two?

  34. please revoke kristen lindsey’s license. she clearly has no compassion for animals, and has gone against her oath as a DVM. whether or not he was a feral cat isn’t the issue – this is no way for a veterinarian to behave. ALSO please i want to mention something else that has not been addressed. if you look at that hideous picture her mother took of her, it appears that Tiger’s hind leg is missing from about the knee-down, and it appears there is blood there. initially i did not notice it, thinking his leg was obscured by the foliage.

    please – we are so outraged. kristen lindsey has exhibited symptoms that have no place in the field of veterinary medicine where professionals are to be compassionate and protective of animals. at the very least, her license should be revoked, and at best she should be held criminally liable and undergo an extensive psychiatric evaluation.

    thank you
    jennifer kingman

  35. First- I would like to thank the AVMA for their stance in this matter!

    This was my email to the Austin Co. DA:

    Travis- for your information:

    First, the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines state that physical methods of killing animals such as a gunshot or bolt to the head can be humane when done correctly. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, 2013 Ed., at 11-12). When performed properly, the animal may exhibit involuntary movements but is unaware and unable to experience pain. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals,

    2013 Ed., at 16).

    The Guidelines, which I have reviewed a dozen times, and I am an authority in this area, describes

    1.Euthanasia in an UNCONSCIOUS cat, humanely sedated with properly applied anesthetic agents

    2. Euthanasia by gunshot or capture bolt, not by an arrow.

    There was nothing “correct” about this killing. There is a huge difference between euthanasia and this killing. You should know the difference if you are an attorney. Did you or anyone from your office interview Kristen to get at the truth yourself?

    Good work clearing Kristen Lindsey. I hope she can leave Texas now! Right now.

    William Ray Folger DVM,MS,ABVP(Feline)

    Memorial Cat Hospital

    12424 Memorial Drive

    Houston, TX 77024


    ABVP Feline Regent

  36. I know several vets. They got into veterinary medicine to help and treat animals with kindness. Sometimes PROPER euthanasia, as stated in the AVMA guidelines, is a necessary kindness to end suffering for an animal or for the safety of people (a rabid dog, for example). I’ve had to have 2 cats euthanized in my life and both times it was a quiet, gentle process. What Kristin Lindsay did was NOT euthanasia. It was the murder of a harmless cat who wasn’t bothering anybody and had a family. I applaud the AMVA for maintaining clear standards on the subject of euthanasia and the dedication GOOD veterinarians show towards their patients.

  37. I am disgusted that this obvious future serial killer of a vet could get away with this. I am also embarrassed that our appointed people in power haven’t done anything about this.

  38. They keep talking that this was just an old stray cat. His name was TIGER. HE HAD A FREAKIN NAME. He had a family that loved him. She took a life of a family member. Make it right. Remove her license, make it where she can not be around animals. Take the weapon away from her. And fine her for the murder of Tiger. Paid to the family of Tiger.

    • I agree COMPLETELY!!! So what needs to be done now to have a petition or something to get her license revoked and never again be allowed to come in contact with ANY animals ever again as well as charge her with FELONY Animal Cruelty charges & fine her 10 times the maximum!!! AVMA – PLEASE TELL US WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

    • You are so right. This was someones pet. It had people who loved him. He escaped as many clever cats will do. This creature is cruel and a murderer. She should not only not be allowed around animals, she should be in a cage.

  39. This is sick. She needs to be charged with animal abuse and murder. She shouldn’t be allowed to have her license.

  40. I want to most sincerely thank the AVMA for their June 27, 2015, letter, “Euthanasia and cats: an arrow, a captive bolt gun, and gunshot are not the same,” though since District Attorney Koehn has stated in his learned opinion the crime may not have occurred in Austin County or in the state of Texas altogether, but could have occurred in Wyoming “where citizens are permitted to kill stray cats all year with very little restriction,” I fear there is not much further that Austin County, Texas, has the slightest intention of pursuing so far as Kristin Lindsey’s brutal and heinously cruel killing of this cat with a bow and an arrow, which one witness believes to have been named “Tiger,” but whom Mr. Koehn has keenly disputed as having an owner and thus one would presume a name.

  41. It appears the repugnant Lindsey who I will not honor with the title of vet slithered out from the sewer to lie in court then slithered back. REVOKE HER LICENSE!

  42. Please, PLEASE take this woman’s license away. How she still has a license and is not in jail is sickening to me. I literally get sick to my stomach when I see or read what this woman has done. Please don’t allow her to even be out there. 🙁 My heart breaks every time I think about this poor cat.


  43. She should be in jail and her veterinary license revoked immediately! What kind of doctor who is supposed to save and ease the suffering of animals does this horrible act?

    This so-called “doctor” is a disgrace to all those individuals who devoted their lives and the expense of education to the care of animals. To call this creature a vet is an insult to good vets everywhere, and should never be allowed near any animal again, . My vets are wonderful caring people who treat all animals with love and compassion.

  44. They have the ability to take her veterinarian license. Do it! Make sure she can never profit from touching an animal ever again!

    • Many of you do not understand the ALMA has no authority to discipline Ms. Lindsey. They are an organization similar to the AMA.
      They could give a knew what less about Tiger. The only reason they responded was because the DA in this county used their supposed captive bolt as an appropriate means of killing animals.
      I suggest many of you review what this organization really believes about unwanted dogs, cats, and horses. It is indeed sad.
      They are in bed with big agriculture and could care less about the fate of poor Tiger.
      As someone who use to believe vets were the most noble profession I have since learned most of them are more concerned about money rather than decency in their profession.k

      • Our entire profession is in an uproar about this incident, and it most certainly isn’t because we care about money. I’m so tired of this accusation I could scream. We come out of school hundreds of thousands in debt and then generally make about what human nurses do. Anyone who enters this profession to make money must be terrible at math.

  45. This is a wonderful clarification. Could AVMA clarify further and let the public know if Dr. Lindsey is a member of AVMA, and if so, have you revoked her current membership and barred her from future membership. Also, has the AVMA petitioned the Texas State Board for the revocation of her license to practice? These would seem like more proactive steps then issuing a “hey, don’t include us in this” statement.

  46. Anna, having been overseas many times I understand how the United States and specific states are portrayed. Trust me when I say there are many many many people in Texas who are just as an animal loving as you and I. But crazy people with no moral compass can pop up anywhere. I myself am not from Texas but I know a lot of people who are and they’re all good hardworking God fearing people who love animals. Please do not let the internet and bad manners from other comments on this post define your opinion of all of us

  47. Let me start by admitting that I am from Texas and I was very disappointed in the outcome of the Kristen Lindsey case. I had read that Ken Paxton is reluctant to prosecute animal cruelty cases, which is very disappointing.

    I take care of the neighborhood feral cats, and I believe in TNR. I think that cats should be indoors, but not every cat has that luxury. And collars can be very dangerous for cats that live outside because they can get entangled on things. I would like to think that my feral cats are safe from the cruelty of others, but you never know when a person like Kristen Lindsey is going to come along.

    What really bothers me about this incident is the fact that Kristen Lindsey is a veterinarian. She had an online blog where she stated that she liked “killing things.” Being a vet and killing things sounds contradictory to me. I would hope that my vet would be a kind person who would do everything possible to take care of my animals. It would be horrifying to find out that my vet was a person like Kristen Lindsey who enjoyed causing the pain, suffering and death of innocent creatures.

    It would be the same as finding out that your own medical doctor was secretly a serial killer.

    I sincerely hope that Kristen Lindsey’s license is revoked. It scares me to think that she will get a job some place where they don’t know her. It’s obvious that she has killed in the past and it is also obvious that she will continue to kill in the future.

    • I too am in Texas. I do T/N/R/ I have cats that were dumped on me by a sorry shelter, and some kittens I trapped and fixed. A total of 16, that go out during the day, and in at night. I have a “cat room with 2 pens ( cut back 2 pens also ) have 2
      ‘new kittens in there now. I think that sorry vet needs jail time !!! Some said that the way the cat was holding its two front legs out- meant it was still alive !! Lindsy is a killer of the worst kind- likes to watch them suffer too ? SICK ! I feed 2 feral colonies, but at 80 yrs old in July, and severe health problems, it’s getting harder to do ! Will continue helping just as long as I can !!!!!

      • thank you for all you do. I sincerely hope that when you are unable to help someone will come and take your place. Thank you on behalf of all feral cats.

      • Bless you for all you do, Dolores! Get in touch with Alley Cat Allies in your area, and I think you’ll have plenty of help! Allies is online, and will help you contact other Allies in your area.
        TNR all the way!

    • She needs to never be by a animal for the rest of her life! I take care of feral cats and fix them find homes ect,My heart aches knowing she got no time! PLEASE DO SOME HOMEWORK ON HER SO THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ANY ANIMAL AGAIN!

  48. Im from Canada and a feral feeder..there is no excuse for what this woman did..she killed a defenceles cat..who was probably just roaming around..she is a disgrace to her profession…this story broke my heart..seeing her holding this kitty up and bragging online..on facebook..only a psychopath would do something like that..she is not normal period..i dont get why she did this and i know it wasn’t becaue she thought this cat had rabies..she is one sick indivdual..get help lady or maybe i should say killer..sorry that how i feel..good thing she doesnt live here in Canada..totally disgusting..i would stand in front of her house with a sign so she had no peace in her life…thnak you to all who cared for what happen to this kitty..its very sad..

    • Problem with this article,and these comment TIGER WAS NOT A FERAL CAT, HE WAS A BELOVED PET,! He had an owner! He was a murdered pet nota illegally euthanized feral cat !

  49. Unfortunately, there are bad people everywhere. I’m sure you have them even in your community. Texas is a great place to live with mostly good people. It takes a few of the worst people to give an organization or a place a bad name.

  50. The cat wasn’t even a stray, it was identifed as belonging to an animal rescue group.

  51. Please see that this animal gets justice. Have this woman’s vet licenses taken how can she do this to this cat. This really is heart breaking and this cat deserved to live and have a home. This was animal cruelty. To authorities please do something about this.

  52. A FORMAL COMPLAINT against DA Koehn needs to be lodged with both the American Bar Association and the Texas State Bar Association. At the very least, he should be censured for unprofessional and unethical conduct.

  53. Since false distorted information and testamoney was given during trial, couldn’t a new trial be so

  54. Kristen Lindsey must never be allowed near animals ever again. Her thinking is so flawed as to present a danger to any animal.

    And the DA ….. Cowardly

  55. I wouldn’t go to Texas either… not after this fiasco. They obviously don’t value the life of an innocent murdered animal.
    it is a complete disgrace how thus entire case was handled.

  56. We have a situation in Phoenix AZ where a dog was attacking a child. The father of the child, who also owned the dog, rescued his daughter, but shot the dog.

    He has been arrested with animal cruelty as one of his charges. That’s a tough situation, and he said he did it because he felt the dog would die anyway. I am not sure how Texas can be so lenient with this woman’s actions and Arizona be so harsh over an aggressive dog. It is very frustrating not seeing better results in this case. There should be no question in revoking her license at the very least.

  57. HI I hope they will do something about the girl she deserve punished what she did and she will be lock everywhere any animal shelter

  58. When and how in God’s name was it establiished to be euthanasia.. Something is rotten in Texas!!

  59. I hope that justice will be served for Tiger and Kristen will no longer be able to practice her chosen profession. She is supposed to help animals, not hurt them.

  60. Please for the sake of any animal that may come in contact with this expletive deletive! Revoke this expletive deletive’s vet license. I am appalled and thoroughly disgusted that justice was not given to poor Tigger. I think that it is clear what was done to him was not legal or humane.

    • Karma will make a big adjustment in this woman’s life, when she is least expecting her misfortune. This was not an emergency situation to put a suffering animal out of pain and misery. After all, does she sling her cross bow over her shoulder all day, with a quiver of arrows in readiness. She better have a steady hand when she uses a needle to perform euthanasia. I have no doubt, she has probably lost the confidence of many clients.

  61. In the future with a case of this magnitude, or with possible widespread damage to the public perception of your profession and/or organization, it may behove you as an entity to make sure that you are represented in some way in the proceedings. I know that this may not be possible in all cases. Thank you for the public clarification of the standards upon which professional and ethical conduct is to be based. In the future, if it is not done now, please have these standards reviewed and reminded to your members. I do commend the fact that you have taken the time to address this issue.
    Tammy D. Schmidt

  62. I cant believe she is getting away with shooting Tiger with a bow and arrow! He suffered so much and she posted it on face which was gruesome. How the grand jury interpreted the guidelines are very stupid. I am angry that she wont serve jail time and she gets to keep her vet license!

  63. AVMA and ALDF hopefully will get justice for Tiger and Kristen will not practice vet medicine again. I do agree she needs counseling and her love of killing and torturing animals esp cats does not fit her profession..

  64. Not trying to be rude but who the hell cares about Euthanasia guidelines in this instance. This situation (in my opinion) has nothing to do with control of feral population. This human excrement did this for fun and no other reason. How stupid must one be not to see that, and for anyone, D.A., AMVA, etc. to try and play the “Acceptable Forms of Euthanasia” (as if she were doing something humane), card is disgusting. Just because she posted something about a dead tom does not mean she was trying to control population. At this pont the only Justice Tiger will get is if someone has the balls to revoke her veterinarian license. So fed up with people not being held responsible for their actions. Once trash, always trash.

      • They used the euthansia guidelines in the defense saying in essence that an arrow to the head was a humane way to kill. However, there are no guidelines for death byaarrow and euthanasia by bolt or gunshot is not reccommended for cats or dogs. The animal when being euthanised should be sedated before hand and euthanised by a professional. This wasn’t done with Tiger, as we all know. The DA used the euthanasia by bolt defense and the AVMA said he was wrong to do so.

    • This is just unacceptable. The cat was not game to be hunted. She didn’t even know if it wasferel

  65. Very shoddy DA/investigative work. The bottom line is, there is no way she thought he was rabid because she never mentioned it in her FB post. She is incredibly sociopathic and the DA, for some reason allowed himself to believe her lies. The bottom line is, Tiger was tortured by her because he was still alive when she held him up for the photo, that is, after she shot him at point blank range because she caught him in a trap and ripped off his right hind leg. She deserves to spend time in jail and lose her license for good. This is a person who “loves to kill” (her words. FBI should keep an eye on her. No telling who or what will be next.

    • Just wanted you to know that I agree with your statement. She can change her tune all she wants, we know what a terrible person she really is.

    • Pook, well said! WHEN will those who try and convict (ha) animal abusers recall t hat SERIAL killers start with small animals before ‘graduating’ to humans?
      I would so love to see her tried for the FELONY action this was!

  66. I have always been told if you have nothing good to say ,say nothing. So as hard as it is and believe me I’m bursting with words. Choose not to say anything.
    Now my dear lady(very questionable) I hope you sleep really well.

  67. Texa disappoints me frequently with their lack of appropriate punishment, lack of appropriate response from law enforcement, and their courts. I would not care to visit that state, let alone think of living there !

    • See what state comes to your aid first when you need it! With the way you say you feel about Texas, believe me we appreciate the fact that you wouldn’t consider coming because we DON’T want you here, period!!

  68. Why did no one from your organization speak out sooner?
    Please be aware fellow commenter’s that this organization also believes horse slaughter is an acceptable method of dealing with unwanted horses.
    A captive bolt does not work on a horse and they suffer just like Tiger did.
    Be careful before you praise this organization.

    • Having witnessed a properly executed captive bolt euthanasia on a horse by a licensed veterinarian at a private residence, I have to strongly disagree. I have also witnessed equine euthanasia by lethal injection, and if I had to choose one or the other for my horse, it would be captive bolt without question. Any euthanasia method has the potential to go wrong; there is no way to know all the possible variables. Environmental factors play a huge role in the effectiveness as well – the loud, crowded, chaotic environment of a slaughterhouse is far from ideal. Body chemistry is a large factor as well; just as some people can barely tolerate a single Advil without having to go lie down, while others can take 4 and not have any relief — the same goes for animals. A severely injured horse with massive amounts of adrenalin flowing may require up to four doses of euthanasia solution to be put down. A huge draft horse may be a lightweight in the sedation department, while a smaller Quarter Horse may require a larger dose to even begin to take the edge off.

      Any euthanasia of an animal is complicated by the fact that the animal cannot communicate verbally what the effects of X dosage are; vets and owners must rely on nonverbal cues and vital signs. The AVMA offers best practice recommendations. Captive bolt is not *recommended* for small companion animals, but since it is a method that many vets may have in their tool kit, providing best practice for utilizing it is the only responsible thing to do.

      • Please show me how captive bolt is an except able method of euthanasia for horses.
        I live in an area of the country where Doran Ayache was allowed to send horses to slaughter.
        I contacted one 90 the vets involved in this evil man’s killing of horses.
        This highly renowned vet admitted there is no such thing as captive bolt being merciful.
        Please review horse skull anatomy

      • Really? I have owned horses for 30 yrs.Never would I allow a vet to use a captive bolt on my horses.
        Unfortunately good vets are afraid to go against the AMA
        Sorry auto correct does not recognize this organization.

  69. you state that all free roaming ferals, not in a colony should be removed? A) who determibes the cat is abandoned? Maybe lost, maybe, like Tiger, living nearby. B) who determibes it us a feral cat? Not every cat living outdoors is feral.
    Again, the kitty can be list, scared because it has never been outside, terrified because you are trying to approSch, trap, hurt him. You do not sound like a very loving group…AVMA or not.

    • May, it does not seem that you read this all the way through…
      “All free-roaming abandoned and feral cats that are not in managed colonies should be removed from their environment and treated in the same manner as other abandoned and stray animals in accord with local and state ordinances.”

      …most often this means trying to catch the cat with the assistance of your local animal control and bringing the cat to your local animal shelter. For lost cats, this is also where their owners can be reunited with them. I say “most” only because different counties and cities will have different plans, depending on the facilities they have in place.

  70. Healthy animals do not require euthanization. Killing a healthy animal is exactly that, killing. And that is what this poor excuse for a human being did, and gleefully at that. She has no business being a vet or ever being around animals again. Also, this cat was someone’s beloved pet. She needs to answer for depriving Tiger’s owners also.

    • Can the owners of Tiger get a civil suit for wrongful death in respect to what happened to him?

  71. I have a little different take on this. I don’t think she did it in a vacuum; especially if her mother took the picture. I suspect the family hunts as well as have no respect for feral cats. My guess is she expected praise because she has received praise for such in the past or there are family members that have done this and bragged about it within the family. My other guess is she is immature for her age and maybe led a sheltered life. Maybe she lost a cat this way as a child. Something is amiss. I would vote for her getting some counseling and see if being a veterinarian is something she can do. She has certainly been shamed enough. We like to rescue dogs and cats and horses that have committed a bad act, let’s do it for a human as well.

    • I don’t believe she has been shamed enough or she would have told the truth by now. And yes, there’s a lot amiss with this whole thing starting with her dirty deed, then her mother saying she and her husband witness it and admitting to taking the picture. Kristen refusing to be interviewed by the police when asked and the sheriff saying hopefully she would come in the following week, the phone mysteriously disappearing. If you have followed this at all it’s appalling even to those of us that have no legal background at all how it unfolded just as we had thought it would because of money and power from her family. No normal human being could be as uncaring as Kristen, her family and the legal authorities supposedly covering this crime. But I do agree that she was most likely an only child and raised to be an entitled brat that never did anything wrong in her life according to her family. I hope this second investigation by people that care and will take the extra step rocks her world to the foundation. I also know I’m not alone in this thinking. So, let the shaming continue until justice is done.

    • you have GOT to be kidding! No amount of counseling this woman could ever get would make me believe she is fit to EVER work with another animal!

    • Tiger was not feral for clarification, but lived with a family nearby and had a guardian as well to look after him if they were away. The TX Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has the sole decision making authority to revoke her license. They are still investigating- the case is not over. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has learned of this case as well and is also investigating. Neither seems to share the DA’s rulings on this issue and I, as well as other, are hopeful their participation and investigations into the issue will result in criminal charges and loss of her license, and other punishment allowed by law.
      Also, don’t label her as a Texan-she isn’t from TX.

    • Vets do take an oath – Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

      I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

      I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

    • Cynthia,
      As far as humans go, you can’t rehabilitate them if they don’t want to be rehabilitated. I’m all for getting KL help but KL has never a) admitted what she did to authorities, b) admitted that what she did was wrong or even a mistake, c) said she was sorry or asked for forgiveness. All KL has done to this point is to hide behind her lawyer. She needs to woman up and come clean. That is the only way to restitution.

  72. Thank you AVMA for making a statement in response to the post June 24, 2015 Grand Jury press release by Travis J. Kohen, the Austin County District Attorney. After reading his press release I think my blood pressure went up and my eyes rolled back in my head for a brief moment. I have recovered. Although the use of a bow and arrow would not be sanctioned by any reputable organization as a method of euthanizing a cat, my issue is and always has been, if a DVM in any state is put in a position that he/she needs to defend self/others/property against a potentially rapid feline, would said DVM then not follow established guidelines and submit the deceased feline for necropsy. Specifically, the brain tissue for fluorescent staining to confirm or rule out rabies. The fact that the cat’s body is missing is suspicious. Ms. Lindsey’s behavior is not consistent with that of a responsible veterinarian. I just do not understand why it is so difficult for the powers that be to not see this for what it is. A felony act of animal cruelty perpetrated by licensed doctor of veterinary medicine in the state of Texas. Please continue to support the global Tiger community in our fight to seek justice for Tiger.

    • I agree with Mona’s remarks. I always wondered how she went from killing a feral cat & nominated “vet of the year” to killing a cat with rabies & showing no proof with the cat’s body. I’m sure Kristen is a little vague on protocol but other vets certainly can verify rabies or not! This whole thing has so many of us upset and then to not ask for proof from the defendant?

    • If this cat killer really believed the cat was rabid, would she be holding it, close to the wound entrance, as depicted in the picture? She just wanted live target practice, and the praise of her parents. Immature? Yes. Sociopath? maybe. Compassionate? NO !!

    • So if a doctor, dentist, nurse, or other health care professional causes intended harm to your family or friends they can just get help and your allright with that?
      Please be aware many of us view our animals as children and we expect just as much from veterinarians.

  73. Thank you for addressing this miscarriage of justice.
    I live in Canada, and people here were saying, “Oh, it was in Texas! No wonder it happened!” in comments to the CBC News report.
    People from all over the world are concerned about this case. Please make sure that Kristen Lindsey never works with animals again!
    Canada had Luka Magnotta killing kittens, and posting videos of it onto Facebook. He ended up killing and dismembering a Chinese exchange student. A clear cut case of animal abuse and killing leading into killing and abusing humans.

  74. Is Kristen Lindsey the new face of the AVMA? Is that really the image you want to put forth? No compassion at all. She is a sick woman and I wouldn’t let her treat anything. Shame on you.

  75. So where was the AVMA when Tiger needed a defense? Why would anyone assume her lawyer would contact the AVMA. It is their job to to keep vets like Lindsey from practicing.

    • This may work out better Jo. In doing their investigation they may also out the incompetence of the authorities that are supposed to follow procedures demanded by law. I am waiting anxiously to hear their outcome.

  76. Another colossal disappointment with our justice system. Tiger’s life does matter.

  77. Thank You so much for sitting the record straight! Kristen Lindsey should not be allowed to be a vet! She murdered Tiger! If that cat had rabies why didn’t she report it! She loves to hunt and kill animals! She said so herself! We do not need a vet who loves to kill God’s animals! They belong to Him! She has not the right to make that decision! Please let Tiger have his Justice! All the animals need to be protected from people like here,

  78. Kristen Lindsey needs to have her Veterinary license revoked and she needs to be ordered to never be near or work with animals again. She is a vicious and vindictive fool who needs to pay for the dastardly deed she has done.
    Tiger’s life meant more than hers, at least he wasn’t a cold blooded killer. Lindsey’s actions were despicable and the fact that she posted her “kill” on social media and bragged about it, with her ignorant mother taking the photo’s shows that she is without remorse and she thinks she is above the law. Her oath states that she is to help animals, not kill them for 15 minutes of fame, which has made her the most hated person by every animal lover on this planet. She needs to be punished and punished severely.

    I also think the DA is inept and should be stripped of his duties until he understands what animal cruelty is and evidently he doesn’t at this time. Perhaps he should serve some time at an animal shelter where he could see first hand what animal cruelty is all about.

  79. Please do whatever you can to make sure that this woman never works as a veterinarian again. Anyone who hunts house pets for sport is not fit to work with animals. Her FB post was disgusting and depraved.

  80. Many thanks to the AVMA for stepping into this, and clarifying their stance. I have followed this case from the beginning and was really angered by the “dog and pony” show that this DA performed. His actions in this case were either pure ineptitude or total negligence. Please encourage your colleagues at the Texas Veterinary Medical Board to pursue revocation of Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license. Her actions were both cruel and criminal for the average layperson, much less alone a doctor of veterinary medicine. I would go so far as to say that she doesn’t exhibit any qualities to be considered “human”. She is a monster in every sense of the word and doesn’t deserve to get near another animal ever again.

  81. Yes let’s get justice for Tiger and all abused animals at the hands of psychopaths!

  82. Thank you, AVMA, for clarifying. Bow and arrow (not to mention glee!) do not reflect humane actions in this situation.

  83. After reading the DA’s press release it was clear it cited only the AVMA guidelines and did not bother talking with any professional veterinarians about this issue at all. There are many unanswered questions, especially the claim that it could not be proved the horrific act occurred in Texas. Her own mother, who witnessed it, claimed she was visiting her daughter, who lives in Texas, when it happened and admitted taking the picture. It really matters not whether the cat was killed in Texas, Wyoming or on the moon. The fact remains is this veterinarian admitted to killing the cat and bragged about it.

  84. Thank you AVMA for correcting a falsehood issued by the DA. That a vet killed a cat so inhumanely and bragged about it it upsetting beyond words. How this woman has evaded animal cruelty charges and keep her license baffles me. She has never given details of what she did with his body. If he was still alive who knows how long he suffered.

  85. The AVMA got “thrown under the bus”. I am sure they are not happy about it. Thank you AVMA for coming forward. Koehn does have a set of ….as you now know. I hope the TBVME realizes the ignorant flaws in his hubris press release. I shake my head along with you. How could he do that? Well he has the same “ego” as KL. That is how it is done. Lets hope he gets voted out, or retires soon. Worst investigation I have ever read. BRAVO AVMA for standing up for YOURSELVES.

  86. Thank you for this informative information. Everyone who has been following this since day one know the truth of what this is all about. There was no concern for animal health or well being, not for the cat she killed or the protection of her pets. She, with forethought. stalked and killed a tame pet cat. She held the cat up and proudly proclaimed her triumph over a domestic pet. She made several gloating statements and when the validity of the photo was in question Lindsey’s mother Rebecca Lindsey proudly proclaimed the photo was indeed real and she took it. The cat’s corpse and the phone used were conveniently “LOST.” Other witnesses were corresponding with the Lindseys during the time the murder took place. Please nail this monster to the wall. I am just heart sick that someone like this could slip through the cracks and become a veterinarian. That oath meant nothing to her.

    • I believe the legal term is “malice and aforethought.” If this case is ever prosecuted, I think that phrase should be incorporated.

  87. Thank you for pursuing justice in this case. It doesn’t matter whether a feral cat or not, but for clarification purposes, this cat was someones pet. Tiger didn’t have rabies, that was constructed by her and her attorney, they should be charged for lying. If rabies is suspected, the cat should be quarantined for a specific period to see if he becomes ill since the only conclusive test for rabies is an autopsy of the brain. And if rabies, humanely euthanized.

  88. TY so much for clarifying what most of us already realized. I have been following this since day one. And I am appalled at this so called DA’s actions. It is disgusting. That DA and that sheriff from Brenham should both be recalled immediately for their poor handling of this case. I truly hope that Kristen Lindsey; I refuse to call her a Dr. No way in hell ; loses her veterinarian license permanently.

    • I agree. The Sheriff’s Dept. of Brenham should also be investigated, as she was never charged by them, even though they mentioned the applicable TX Penal Code to use. If there was no evidence, what information did they present to the DA?

  89. Thank you for FINALLY getting involved. I hope you stay involved and ensure Kristen Lindsey loses her veterinary license. The DA did not investigate. It is easy to subpoena Facebook records (nothing is ever deleted – I know as a forensic accountant) or her cell phone service provider. Also, it is clear in the photo as multiple veterinarians have stated, Tiger was not dead in that photo. It is a shame it has taken the AVMA so long to get involved. Now that you are involved, I hope you make it count.

    • Colleen, You need to make a formal complaint to the TBVME, the AVMA has no jurisdiction over this matter. They are the most important Association, but they are NOT the ones who judge, who can pull a license. It all rests on the TBVME.

  90. Did the AVMA do anything, like revoke her license? Course not. I know that everyone is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise, but come on…Isn’t her own confession enough? Plus, her mother admitted to taking the photograph. Also, as other posters have pointed out: is Tiger even truly dead in the photo?

    • While I agree that perhaps the AVMA should have made a statement prior to now, it is not up to the AVMA to revoke her license. The state of Texas has a licensing board which issues those licenses, and they are the ones who have to revoke it. While the AVMA may be able to advocate for it being revoked, they can’t do it themselves.

  91. Thank You AVMA for pursuing this case. Half of Tigers leg was missing, Kristen Linsdsey’s mother loses her cell phone, so much about this case is so wrong, I had a feeling the DA in Texas would not pursue, I lost hope this past Wednesday but am beginning to feel hope that this soon to be ex-vet will never touch another animal or take the life of a innocent cat

    • It’s a bit of a mystery just what was going on with Tiger’s leg. I thought it was missing too, but then it seemed to be behind a bush. I can’t look at it any more, so I’m done analyzing it. But it should not have helped her case that she obviously set a trap before shooting Tiger through the head. Along with Tiger’s leg, there are several other things being kept from the public. This whole case does not add up, and I’m almost convinced there is something sinister behind Lindsey going free.

  92. Thank you for this information! Bit is very enlightening. A vet before killing a suspected rabid or feral should have humanely trapped it, examined it and tried to find a home/it’s home. There is nothing to suggest she thought it was rabid. Why would a vet waste any time holding up a possibly rabid animal bare handed? This certainly makes me think there was cruelty involved. She could have trapped him in a dog carrier, sedate him there or at her clinic, examine him (re) home him or if it had not been Tiger, but rather a diseased stray, either euthanized him or taken him to animal control to do it. Did not the thought of pissing off the animals owner cross her mind? Her stupidity gets me as much as the cruelty.

    • This was an inhumane action against an living creature that also was valued by his community, family… It is not humane to kill a pet and show a proud photo of it with her nasty comments which alone prove she did it out of cruelty!! A humane person would have trapped and had the animal checked and try to find his owners/companions or a new home. I grew up on a farm and also know personally many veterinarians, animal control people, humane society workers… not one of these people would think that what she did was not animal cruelty! With the knowledge that society has about animal diseases, testing, and the value of nature this was an example of a blatant bully at work. She has an education and the ability to research and to know better than to shoot an animal with a crossbow. A person with no alternative to save an animal and without her resources may be able to claim they did not know better but not her!!! That is like medical doctor shooting a vagrant because they may carry disease.

  93. Thank you AVMA. We’re counting on you to get justice for Tiger, now. You have come as a ray of hope and really wish that we wouldn’t be let down. Thanks again.

  94. Dear AVMA,

    Thank you for making this very important information known.

    “The AVMA was neither consulted nor asked to provide information regarding the case, and we were not aware that the Guidelines would be presented in this way. Based on the statements in the press release, the District Attorney’s application of the Euthanasia Guidelines was seriously flawed. An arrow is neither a captive bolt nor a gunshot.”

    I have known wonderful veterinarians that love and have gone beyond the call of duty to help and save animals. I think they are the norm not Kristen Erin Lindsey.

    However, I am concerned that people are saying that the Veterinary Boards are among those that have been paid off to let Kristen Erin Lindsey get away with murder.
    I am afraid that many people will stop getting their pets vaccinated and desexed out of fear. This would be very unfortunate outcome.

  95. I’m sorry. Who in the hell decided that Tiger even needed to be euthanized in the first place? Lindsey does NOT have the right to just pick off cats all willy nilly.
    She knows Tiger was not rabid and out of all the excuses to come up with to try and get out of a bad situation, THAT’S what she chooses?
    If Tiger was rabid, there are distinct physical ways to verify this. She was also practicing her archery in the back yeard so she could get a good shot at Tiger. This was premeditated and he was baited and then trapped in a snare before being killed with an arrow through his eye.
    It is a felont to kill a domestic or feral cat.
    It’s almost as if the D.A. had already heard Kristens side of the story and accepted her lies.
    All he had to do was get the data recovered from Facebook
    1) If Tiger had been rabid, she would not have lost her job.
    2) If Tiger had been rabid, she would have just simply said so on her Facebook comments that day.
    3) If Tiger had been rabid, you don’t want up to a rabid cat and shoot it threough the eye saying afterwards “The only good feral cat is a dead feral cat”

    I am SO PISSED at this jerk for not prosecuting her and deciding to not even get the evidence from Facebook.

  96. There is evidence in that infamous photo of Kristen Lindsey holding up her “kill”, that suggests that “Tiger” (his identity was verified) sustained more injury than just the injury to his head by an arrow and that he did not die instantly. His right rear leg appears bloodied, suggesting that he was, either, shot twice with arrows… once in the leg, then his head… or that he had been captured and held in a leg hold trap prior to being shot in the head.

  97. Thank you for clarifing what the rest of the public knows, a captive bold and a bow and arrow are NOT the same thing. I’m surprised at the hubris of this DA to not consult an agency that he is quoting.