Three Resolutions Added to House of Delegates’ July Agenda

We previously notified you of three proposed bylaws amendments and four resolutions to be considered by the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) in July. Three additional proposed resolutions are now on the agenda. All three of these resolutions address and would impact the Council on Education (COE).

Proposed Resolution #11-2015 recommends that the AVMA Board of Directors (BOD) consider recommending to the Council on Education (COE) that the COE enact a one-year moratorium on all new veterinary school accreditation actions.

Proposed Resolution #12-2015 recommends the AVMA BOD consider establishing a Veterinary Accreditation Review Board that would be tasked with the responsibility of determining the new governance, financial and legal structure of a new, autonomous Council on Education.

Proposed Resolution #13-2015 is similar to resolution to #12-2015.  It recommends that the BOD consider establishing an accrediting body that operates independently from the AVMA with its own bylaws, budget, Board of Directors, and staff.  However, the authors also recommend that this independent accrediting agency would remain under the umbrella of the AVMA.

The AVMA Board of Directors has provided a memorandum, FAQ document, and accreditation comparison chart to the HOD with regards to these resolutions and to provide additional perspective and clarification regarding the statements in the proposed resolutions. All of the proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions, including those considered during the HOD Winter Session in January 2015, can be found in the Governance section of the website.  AVMA members are encouraged to contact their HOD delegates to provide their input on any or all of these proposed amendments or resolutions.

For more information about the COE and accreditation, visit the COE Accreditation section of our site, view the AVMA@Work blog posts and recent JAVMA News coverage providing COE news and information, such as the articles listed below:

One thought on “Three Resolutions Added to House of Delegates’ July Agenda

  1. I have followed the issues with the COE over the past several years and have read the board of director’s FAQ, memorandum, and comparison chart.

    I would love to know exactly how much AVMA has spent on these and the entire COE process, including staff time, BOD travel expenses, legal expenses, EVERY LITTLE PENNY.

    If the board would have spent half the amount/effort on promoting their dues paying members/ our profession to the public, I believe that our profession would be in much better shape and I would still find value in being a member of the AVMA.