Unveiled! “Our passion, Our profession” marks new era for AVMA

AVMA-Logo-OurPassion600Just a few moments ago, the AVMA launched a new era dedicated to better serving our members and your evolving needs. This is a new day at the AVMA, and today’s unveiling of the “Our Passion. Our Profession.” initiative is proof of how our members’ voices, ideas and diverse perspectives will help advance the profession more than ever before.

Today marks a new way of doing business and a new way of ensuring that we meet your needs now and into the future as we work to support the professional while advancing the profession as a whole. Our new logo, which was revealed this evening at our Annual Convention in Boston, is indeed a new look. But, more importantly, it is reflective of a new approach to advancing your professional interests, while also promoting to society the critical role veterinarians play in animal and human health.

Historically, participation in organized veterinary medicine has been “the right thing to do,” and membership in the AVMA has been a key way to engage in the greater good of our profession. The value of that participation – and the value of membership in the AVMA – wasn’t questioned. Belonging to the AVMA is still the right thing to do, but we understand that it’s up to us to make sure that the return on your investment is obvious and tangible.

Protect, Promote, Advance

In recognizing the growing need for an organization that continues to protect, promote and advance the entire veterinary profession, the AVMA spent 2014 listening to your ideas and concerns in order to enhance the association’s ability to better serve our members and advance collective interests.

Those lessons became the framework for this exciting chapter of the AVMA’s ongoing commitment to veterinarians and the animals and people you serve. Your input was instrumental in helping the AVMA make the necessary enhancements that would help meet more of our members’ needs.

Some key findings from this research indicate that our members want:

  • Greater communication about our advocacy work and current issues being addressed.
  • More digestible and bite-size information that delivers a clear message more effectively.
  • A larger and more diverse representation of all veterinarians.
  • A more personalized experience that makes it easier to access information that relates to each segment of the profession.

Acting on your behalf

We know that you want to see communications that show how the AVMA is genuinely following through on your ideas and opinions, as well as acting on your behalf. We believe that the new AVMA message, “Our passion. Our profession,” reassures our members that they are our passion and our profession. It also elicits a sense of pride among our members and is grounded in the deep-rooted passion you have for animals and your professional role in preserving both human and animal health.

In the near future, you will start to see and feel these changes come to life across the AVMA. These are exciting times that will result in a stronger, more focused and relevant association for you – our members.

Veterinary medicine is our passion and our profession. This is our AVMA!

For more information about the AVMA evolution, and to become more familiar with the new look, direction and feel of the AVMA, we invite you to visit newavma.avma.org.

10 thoughts on “Unveiled! “Our passion, Our profession” marks new era for AVMA

  1. I am underwhelmed. Last I believe I read, over 150k was spent generating ideas, then the actual rebranding. We had a distinguished, noble logo and brand that was recognizable. Lime green and blue, I shudder. I don’t know who the focus group was, but I wound never, and will never display that logo on anything I own or drive. It does not make me feel any pride nor stir any emotion, except nausea.

    • Your comment about the color reminds me of the container that I received when I went to NAVC the last couple of times. The second last time I received a nice, neutral grey backpack. That was good. The last time I received a bright lime green shoulder bag. I don’t do shoulder bags, and if I did I would not do a bright lime green one. That was not so good, and while I used it to carry my material around at the convention, I would never use it out in public. That was not good.

  2. I am very disappointed with the new logo. The emphasis seems seems to be on the

    I am very disappointed with the new logo. It emphasizes the snake rather than the veterinary “V”. I can not believe that this will become the new emblem of our profession. Why was a change necessary?

  3. Great news and good luck! I love the new logo, but it doesn’t seem to symbolize the veterinary position. Regardless, it looks pretty sleek!

  4. I see that the AVMA hired acrobats and had champagne set out to celebrate the new “brand”.

    A member focused organization would have asked “is this how our members want us to spend their resources”?

    I would think that most members would settle for less theatrics and more meat and potatoes. Spend the money on actually promoting your members, not on promoting your “brand”.

  5. How many of these rallying cries have we seen over the years? How many committees, subcommittees, task forces, etc etc etc.

    Until the self serving culture of the AVMA changes, and the leadership with it, the AVMA will continue to do what is best for the AVMA. What is best for the members runs a distant third behind accreditation and maintaining the gold standard.

    Fool me once and all that.

    • Yes, the AVMA primary goal is to perpetuate its bureaucracy. Hey, think of it as your think of the Federal Government and its agencies. I do not plan on renewing my membership next year. Vote with your feet if you
      think membership is a waste of money. The medical benefits use to be a good reason for membership…..now Obamacare has wiped that out so why stay?

    • New initiative, new logo, same leaders = same AVMA.

      I would like to know exactly how much dues money has gone to pay for this new initiative and the new logo?
      Include staff time and marketing materials. How much.

      How much has been spent during the same time period to promote veterinary medicine? Not promoting how or why to become a veterinarian, but promoting our profession with a call to action by the pet owning public. How much?

  6. If you want to act on my (and other veterinarians in private practice) behalf, you can begin by providing the FULL 2015 veterinary economic report subscription to any AVMA member at no charge It galls me and amazes me that you would actually want to charge a member for this. If you want to charge a drug company or a government or private organization, fine. The author of the report stated that it cost a lot of money to generate the report, and the AVMA has to recoup at least some of the cost, but from MEMBERS? I’ve been told twice now that you are not charging veterinarians for the report, but your website still lists the member price as ONLY $249. If ANY member cares enough to ask for the information, for God’s sake give it to them. The summaries provided to us at no charge are severely edited, and I would like to see all the numbers, not just the ones the AVMA would like us to see. And, just so you know, I’ve been a dues-paying member for the last 35 years, ever since graduation.