New online reputation management resources for members

New online reputation management resources for membersYou come in to the clinic in the morning, ready for another full day dedicated to keeping animals healthy. But you walk in the door to the phone ringing off the hook, an overloaded inbox, an influx of negative reviews on your Yelp and Google Reviews profiles, and an overwhelming number of comments and posts to your practice’s Facebook page overnight…all because of a former client or staff member who took their complaint to social media to garner sympathy and make you the bad guy. What do you do now? How do you deal with this disaster?

It’s unfortunately becoming more common as social media and blogging empower people and function as amplifiers of personal opinion. According to a survey we conducted in fall 2014, one in five veterinarians has been the victim of a cyberattack or knew a colleague who’d been a victim. In addition, seven out of ten cyberattacks against veterinarians or veterinary practices were initiated by a former client or staff member. Cyberattacks can cause financial harm to your business, but more common consequences are stress and negative impacts on mental health – for both the veterinarian and the support staff in the practice. `

How do you protect your online reputation and prevent or mitigate attacks? It’s not as hard or time-consuming as it may seem. We’ve got new resources for AVMA members to help, including best practices, guidance for monitoring your online reputation, tips on when and how to respond to online criticism, and dealing with cyberbullies. These resources were developed with the assistance of Bernstein Crisis Management, whose staff members have more than 30 years of crisis consulting experience, and were vetted (pun intended) by AVMA members in practice.

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  1. obviously this follows with the new federal laws that tend to support the contention that any revelation of any deviant professional – even as fact – is to be construed as willfully defamatory in natire – <"""guidance for monitoring your online reputation, tips on when and how to respond to online criticism, and dealing with cyberbullies." I am disturbed that you incorporate those that have criticism with :cyberbullies – so it has come to the day where it is so much more important to hire a professional PR firm then to create a reasonable understanding of what perpetuated the criticism in the first place – For you are not targeting the once in a blue moon heckler – especially in noting a professional firm to resolve your ills – no,,,, you are worried about a preponderance of ill-wishers – I am so very scared to suggest this – but maybe it is not a experienced firm they need to hire – but rather a professional firm to find a buyer for the clinic business – only so many people can be cyberbullies before there is a point where the complaints have merit.

    • Eric, if you’d read the resource, you’d see that it addresses all aspects of online reputation management, including dealing with criticism. We are not equating criticism with cyberbullying, they are quite different. One of the first instructions we give when facing online criticism is be honest with yourself when you evaluate the criticism to see what parts of it have merit. There is a separate section on dealing with cyberbullying.

  2. Its nice that you are doing this for your members. The power of cyberbullies and criminals is getting stronger and good reputation management so members can influence more what is said about them is a fantastic solution. Good luck!

  3. Do you only help Veterinarians or do you help Pet Stores that come under attack?
    TY for your time.