Remind clients to update microchip registration info

Check the Chip DayThis Saturday, August 15, is Check the Chip Day, when we remind pet owners to double-check their pets’ microchip registry information to make sure their contact information is up-to-date. If you haven’t already started telling clients about this event, it’s not too late. We have tools to make it easy.

Before you do anything else, head over to the Facebook event page and click to “join” the event. Not only will that help spread the word to your friends and fans, but you’ll find great, sharable information about microchipping that you can pass along to clients on your own social media feeds.

Next, be sure to download the Check the Chip Day flyer – linked from the Check the Chip Day page – to print out and post in your clinic and hand to clients. It contains the information clients will need to find their pet’s microchip registry information and determine whether it’s current or needs to be updated. You can also offer to scan every pet’s microchip while the pet is in your clinic for an exam.

If you’re an AVMA member, be sure to check out our Check the Chip Day member toolkit. It has ready-to-use social media posts, tips for hosting a microchip scanning event, ideas to get clients into the clinic for annual checkups at which you can discuss their microchip information, and more.

Not a veterinarian? Check the Chip Day is all about you!

Check the Chip Day is an annual observance created by the AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to remind pet owners to check once a year to make certain their pets’ microchip registration information is up-to-date. Microchips are very effective at reuniting lost pets with their families, but only if the family has accurate contact information registered with the microchip. The goal of Check the Chip Day is to reach 100% accurate microchip registration.

Check the Chip Day is observed every Aug. 15, but why wait? If your pet is microchipped, why not take just a few minutes right now to make sure that the microchip registration information is up-to-date?

AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool is linked to the registries of most microchip manufacturers and allows a quick database search of any microchip made by these manufacturers. There are, however, some manufacturers that don’t participate in the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool; you can find links to their websites on our Check the Chip Day web page.

Help us spread the word

We need everyone’s help in spreading the word about this important issue. Can you help us out by doing one or more of these things?

  • Watch and share the video below with your social networks. You’ll enjoy it, and it will help educate people about the importance of microchipping and updating a chip’s registration information.
  • Share the Check the Chip Day page with your social networks.
  • Invite your friends to join the Facebook event.

Tag any microchip-related tweets and posts with the #CheckTheChipDay hashtag to increase awareness.

Special thanks to HomeAgain for the grant that made this video possible.

One thought on “Remind clients to update microchip registration info

  1. I remember a story of a family who moved from Massachusetts to Columbus, bringing their pug with them. During the road trip, the dog disappeared, and was later found my a truck driver who was incidentally taking a trip to Massachusetts.

    The dog’s collar tag contained info about the family’s home in Boston, along with the chip – the driver had them checked. Imagine the truck driver’s dismay when he heard the family moved to Ohio.

    It ended well though. The family made it to Columbus, received word of their pug’s plight, and the dad had to fly back to Boston and get the pug back. They needed to take another long road trip via train, bus, etc since pugs aren’t fit to fly.

    So before moving, it’s best to update a dog’s chip info!