AVMA-GRD externship application is now online

Calling all veterinary students interested in public policy—the application for the 2016 AVMA Governmental Relations Student Externship Program in Washington, D.C., is now online.

The externship program pairs talented veterinary students with AVMA’s Governmental Relations Division (GRD) for an intense, four-week immersion program that introduces them to the breadth of public policy issues facing the profession. Equally important, it provides hands-on lobbying experience with legislators and staffers on Capitol Hill. It’s an opportunity to learn a facet of the profession that you won’t find in school while making a difference in shaping the profession.

Check out what the AVMA GRD Externship program is like firsthand at the Externs on the Hill blog. For more information on the externship program and to apply, visit our externship program page.

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