Volunteers needed: Support your profession, share your passion

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the AVMA. Your association relies on your experience and Alt Textexpertise to help make decisions and formulate policies. If you or a colleague is interested in applying for a volunteer opportunity with the AVMA, we invite you to explore the positions available this year and in 2016. Please visit the updated Volunteer Opportunities section of the AVMA website to learn more.

Opportunities include positions on the Animal Welfare Committee, Council on Veterinary Service, Convention Education Program Committee and many more. Applications are due in early October for many of the positions, so we encourage you to take a look now to see what fits your interests and expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Volunteers needed: Support your profession, share your passion

  1. I am interested in the animal welfare committee as a shelter medicine veterinarian. How are meetings conducted and does the volunteer bear any travel costs? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your interest, Dr. Rowan-Collier! In the case of the AWC, the members of the committee are nominated by their organizations – in this case, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians – and appointed by the AVMA Board of Directors. There are two positions – regular and alternate. The alternate doesn’t attend meetings unless the regular member is unable to attend. Travel costs for the committee members associated with attending meetings are paid by AVMA in accord with travel policy. Any AVMA member can request to attend a meeting of the Committee – if approved by the Chair of the committee, they can attend at their own expense and as an observer.