Congress needs to hear from YOU on federal prescription mandate

From Florida to Washington, veterinarians across the country are standing up for the profession in our fight against a mandatory federal prescription mandate. But sadly, many congressional offices have told us that they have only heard from a small number of our members.DocWPrescription-300

The Fairness to Pet Owners Act (S. 1200/H.R. 3174) [PDF] has been introduced twice in Congress before, but this time around, the legislation is receiving more consideration by lawmakers. We need your help now more than ever as we try to keep Congress from enacting a federal law that would require veterinarians to provide the written prescription every time a medication is prescribed for a companion animal, regardless of whether the client wants to go elsewhere.

This legislation is unnecessary since clients already have the ability to request a prescription, and many states have laws or policies requiring veterinarians to uphold those requests. AVMA’s Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics also states that veterinarians should honor the request for a written prescription.

Please reach out to your senators and representative today expressing your opposition to this bill. Take action here.

Also, do you have a story to tell on how this bill would negatively impact your practice? Please share it with Victoria Broehm ( as we look to include more of YOUR stories on our advocacy page.

One thought on “Congress needs to hear from YOU on federal prescription mandate

  1. This bill makes unnecessary work for the veterinarian and their staff and cost, when the client already has the ability/right to request a written prescription. I have gotten written prescriptions on numerous occasions when I felt I needed one and they were given to me as needed.