Advocating for rural veterinarians

New AVMA video tells Dr. Vosburg’s story

A new video posted to the AVMA’s YouTube channel shares with you a bit of Dr. Zach Vosburg’s story. A mixed-animal practitioner in a rural community, Dr. Vosburg has benefitted from the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program, a federal program that was the result of extensive AVMA advocacy efforts.

We’ll use the video as we continue to spread the message on Capitol Hill and beyond about the critical importance of rural veterinarians to both animal health and welfare and food safety. Feel free to share the video to help us protect, promote and advance veterinarians and the veterinary profession. Learn more about a federal bill to enhance the program by visiting AVMA’s advocacy campaign page.

3 thoughts on “Advocating for rural veterinarians

  1. This program we should continue to support, as it does help some rural areas. How they determine the need for which county qualifies does need some tweaking, but the overall long-term effect for a new graduate is more that most of us in a mixed practice will ever benefit from the USDA financially.

  2. This federal loan repayment program for rural veterinarians is a bunch of crap. I am a rural mixed animal practitioner who just happened to work my a** off during school and graduated with 40K in loans 6 years ago. When I tried to apply for this position, they did not accept the application because my ‘need’ was not great enough. I ended up moving to another rural area which was listed as a shortage area and started my own clinic from scratch. 1 year later, a student moved in next door in direct competition with me in an EXISTING PRACTICE that had been established for 30 years and was awarded 120K in student loan forgiveness. This was nothing but a political favor to the retiring practice owner from the state veterinarian who was able to find loopholes to make sure this happened. So, because I was financially responsible during school, took the entrepreneurial risk to start a practice in an area of need, I was promptly rewarded with a rejected loan forgiveness application and have the distinct pleasure of paying through my taxes for my competition to blow my tax money in the best interest of the retiring owner. Sounds like a great program to me…
    Bottom line is that no new graduate saddled with that kind of debt is capable of starting a new business in a rural area, and all that happens is a bunch of political maneuvers to divert the money into places that it doesn’t need to be in the first place. If you really want to make a difference, award the money on a competitive basis to vets that have been out of school for a few years and have the capability to actually start a practice in these areas… regardless of whether they have mountains of student debt.

  3. My commit is placing a foreign student next to impossible to pass boards does not help covering rural areas. I myself graduated from University of Guadalajara Veterinary Medical Zoology I am now in the masters here at Ross and I am hoping to complete and find work since I numerously taken the boards without passing. I have been a Registered Nurse before I went to Mexico. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a RN but I am unable to work with animals because I never had the chance passing the boards. This is my comment