Applications for Telemedicine Working Group positions due January 22

Support Your Profession Share Your PassionThe Practice Advisory Panel (Practice AP; part of the Advisory Panel Pilot Program) was charged by the AVMA Board of Directors in September 2015 to provide guidance to the association regarding telemedicine. The Practice AP is moving forward with developing a white paper on the topic, and is seeking members who are willing to serve on a telemedicine working group. Although we anticipate that the scope of information gathering will eventually extend beyond veterinarians, the Practice AP has chosen to focus first on the veterinary profession’s perspectives, needs and concerns regarding telemedicine and its role in the delivery of veterinary services. In particular, the Practice AP seeks members with clinical or regulatory experience with telemedicine.

About the working group:

  • The size of the working group has not yet been determined; members will be selected based on their experience and ability to contribute to constructive conversations.
  • The working group will be virtual; no travel or in-person attendance is required. Discussions will be conducted electronically and via conference calls.

Applications are due January 22, 2016.

To apply for the working group, please complete the application form and submit it via email.

10 thoughts on “Applications for Telemedicine Working Group positions due January 22

  1. I was wondering about the status of the Telemedicine Working Group as well. Has the membership been determined?

    Thank you, Clay

    • Yes, I believe they have, and everyone should be receiving notification very soon – within the week.

  2. Hello Dr. May,

    I’m wondering about the status of the working committee? Is there a timeline for having membership determined, and a subsequent “start date” for activity?

    Thanks in advance,
    Christie Long

    • Please send them to the email below (remove all spaces first)

      ap pilot @ avma. org

    • Sure. It’s supposed to download as an rtf file when you click the link, but it’s apparently not working for everyone. I’ll send it to you.

      For others who run into the same problem, feel free to send me an email at the address below (remove spaces)
      kmay @ avma. org

  3. I am having trouble downloading the application form. I get a 404-not found error message. Could you please email it to me.

    Dr. Stan Baker