The impact of millennials: webinar recording available

AVMA Veterinary Economics Director Dr. Mike DicksHow will veterinary practices be affected by the influx of millennials into the veterinary workforce? What will be the effect as millennials account for an increasingly large portion of the pet-owning population?

AVMA Veterinary Economics Director Dr. Mike Dicks tackled these questions during a recent webinar that is now available for you to view on demand.

Among other subjects, the talk focused on:

  • The effect of the veterinary profession’s debt-to-income issues on the performance of millennials
  • The need for practitioners to consider changes in taste and preferences for pet services as increasing numbers of millennials become pet owners

The Monday webinar, which can be viewed below, was hosted in conjunction with Kansas State University’s Master of Agribusiness program. Dr. Dicks and Kansas State officials will present the live webinar again on Feb. 18.

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