Members: Provide input for House of Delegates’ Veterinary Issues Forum

MemberCommentsBubble300The AVMA House of Delegates will hold its first Veterinary Issues Forum at its August meeting in San Antonio, Texas, providing an opportunity for open discussion of issues brought forth by the delegates. Three issues have been identified for discussion:

If you’re an AVMA member with an interest in any of these issues, please contact your HOD delegates to provide input on these topics prior to the Aug. 4-5 meeting. HOD delegates also are looking for member input on the resolutions and proposed bylaws amendments they will consider during the August meeting, as well as the candidates for AVMA President-Elect. Please provide your input as soon as possible to allow your delegate time to review it and fully represent you during the forum.

JAVMA reporters will be live-tweeting the House of Delegates meeting on the AVMAJournals Twitter feed, and we’ll also provide a post-meeting wrap-up on this blog after the session has ended.

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