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Blog_CheckChip_Toolkit_300x300Waylon, a year-old orange tabby cat, disappeared from his home in Florida and turned up months later in Colorado.

Jackie the pit bull was taken in as a stray in Milwaukee two years after she went missing. Her owner had been looking for her back home in Indiana for two years.

The Martinez family in Chicago waited four years before their chihuahua, Chiquito, was found and returned to them.

Their stories have one common thread: microchips with up-to-date contact information for the pets’ owners.

Veterinarians know that microchips enable these kinds of reunions daily across the country. But we also know the disappointment that comes with scanning a stray animal and finding a microchip, only to discover that the chip’s registry has no contact information – or outdated information – for the owner.

Check the Chip Day promotes happy reunions

That’s why the AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) joined together to create Check the Chip Day to remind pet owners to check their pets’ microchip registration information once a year to make certain it’s up-to-date.

Check the Chip Day is right around the corner on August 15, and we have resources to help you mark the day and get the word out to clients.

Your connection to clients

Observe Check the Chip Day in your clinic to strengthen your relationship with clients and to help increase the chances that they’ll be reunited with their pets if ever they get separated. Our toolkit makes it easy for AVMA members:

  • Pre-written social media posts and downloadable images make it simple to use your social feeds to encourage pet owners to check and update microchip registry information.
  • A ready-to-use newsletter article tells your clients where to go to look up a chip’s registration, and also urges those whose pets aren’t yet microchipped to schedule appointments with you to get that done.
  • A client handout that you can download for pet owners to write down and file their pet’s microchip identification number along with the date they last checked the registry information.
  • Downloadable templates let you quickly and easily send press releases to local media and submit Check the Chip Day proclamations to your mayor or your governor.
  • “Stress-free Ways to Observe Check the Chip Day” offers an array of other ideas for easy Check the Chip Day observances in your clinic, including tips for hosting a microchip scanning event and ways to get clients into the clinic for regular wellness checkups at which you can discuss microchips and microchip registry information.

Check out the toolkit right away, and see how easy it is to incorporate Check the Chip Day into your clinic’s marketing plan. You also can get started by sharing this video, “Meet Max: Why you should microchip your pet,” with clients. Post it to your social media feeds, embed it on your clinic website, or play it in your waiting room to remind clients of the importance of microchipping and keeping microchip registration information updated.

We also invite you to follow our Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing microchip reunion stories between now and August 15. You can pass those along on your clinic’s own Facebook page to remind clients of the importance of microchips and up-to-date registry information. You also can follow the hashtag #CheckTheChipDay on any of your social networks to see microchip-related tweets and posts from others.

Check the Chip Day video and promotional campaign made possible by a grant from Home Again.

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