We’re improving your membership renewal experience

Faster, easier, more environmentally friendly

AVMA members should begin receiving notifications this week to renew your membership for 2017, and we’re excited and proud to let you know we’ve made the process easier and more environmentally friendly.

We’ve revamped the online renewal process to improve usability, reduce the number of steps, and provide on-demand printing of your current membership card.

Here’s how it works

2017_MembershipCard_101816_We’ll send you an email with a link to renew your AVMA membership for 2017. (You might already have received this. If not, sign into your member profile and make sure your AVMA contact information includes your correct email address.)

Once you click that link and sign into the AVMA website, you’ll be able to follow a streamlined, two-step renewal process including options to change your journal subscription and/or make voluntary contributions to the AVMF and AVMAPAC.

That’s it! After your renewal has been processed, you’ll receive a thank-you email that includes a link to your new downloadable, printable electronic membership card.

How do you benefit?

The new process offers:

  • Improved mobile design, with larger form fields and buttons that make it easier to renew on your phone or tablet
  • Electronic membership card with all the same benefits as the printed card, accessible online at any time
  • Better usability and fewer steps to complete your membership renewal
  • New option to change your journal subscription at the same time as you renew your membership

Approximately half of all AVMA website sessions now take place on a mobile device, so we’ve made a special effort to make the pages more mobile-friendly. Our decision to “go green” with electronic member cards also aligns with members’ changing expectations, providing you all the benefits you had previously, plus 24/7 access, with less environmental impact. AVMA members can visit “My Profile” on AVMA.org at any time to view, print or download their membership card.

Don’t want to renew online?

If you don’t have access to a computer or email, or simply aren’t comfortable renewing online, don’t worry. We still have offline renewal options. Call us at 1-800-248-2862, ext. 6631, for details, or simply wait to receive a renewal notice via surface mail.

We’re committed to making it easy to do business with the AVMA, whatever your personal preference might be.

Not an AVMA member yet?

AVMA membership supports veterinarians in their day-to-day life, with benefits that enhance your opportunities for success at every stage of your career. If you’re not an AVMA member veterinarian, here are the benefits you’re missing out on.

17 thoughts on “We’re improving your membership renewal experience

  1. I received my renewal in the mail and it has a Dr. Hargarten’s form. When I took it to his office his had a Dr.Brunsma form!

    • I’m sorry, Dr. Dircksen. Were you and the others able to get your own forms straightened out, or do you need us to have them re-sent (and double-check the names by hand)? Or, if you’d prefer, you can contact our call center and they can assist you over the phone.

  2. I would really appreciate online access to a printable PDF renewal form, rather than waiting for a paper form to arrive in the mail. Some of us prefer to send business checks rather than use our credit cards online.

    • Thank you for asking – there is a way to do that. Invoices and receipts are available for viewing and printing from your AVMA online record. Follow these instructions.

      1. Login at http://www.avma.org
      2. Select Store (upper right corner)
      3. Select Order History (left side)
      4. Go to the bottom of the page to the section Open Invoices. Receipts are available 1-2 business days after the payment has been received, located in the top section of the Order History.
      5. The order with date 10/15/2016 is your invoice for 2017 dues
      6. Click order # to open invoice
      7. Print

      If you experience any difficulty or have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our membership department at (800) 248-2862 ext. 6631.

    • So sorry about that, Jody! I’ll ask the team to contact you asap about getting that straightened out.

  3. SInce my employer pays my dues, I can’t renew on line. And printing out a flimsy piece of paper that will get crumpled in my wallet is ridiculous for the cost of membership. So nice I can access it on line. IF I can remember my membership number, username and password. Not.
    Go back to paper for Pete’s sake.

    • We will still be sending out paper invoices. In fact, they were mailed last week, so you should be receiving the renewal notice this week. If not, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our membership department at (800) 248-2862 ext. 6631.

  4. Our hospital pays for all licenses & dues for our Veterinarians & CVTs. These changes mean that I no longer get the renewal notices mailed to our hospital & I am not able to pay them from the business account. Instead, I must reimburse them & watch to be sure that each one has not forgotten to take care of this. We prefer not to give our business Credit card to employees.
    Is there still an option to have them mailed or emailed to our hospital so that I can take care of this?
    Thank you.

  5. Well. Julie….I pulled out the clear packing tape and laminated it, and folded it and shoved it in my wallet.

    That solved the problem.

    Seriously, AVMA…..please consider sending out “real” cards. The numbers on the back were useful and it did not look like we were a 2 bit operation.


  6. Boy this card is gorgeous. I am sure it will impress clients when it is printed out on flimsy paper and put up on our walls.

    • Hey Julie, I wasn’t sure if you’d seen Mary Beth’s response to another comment. In case you’re interested:

      For members who want to display your proof of membership in your clinic or office, a membership certificate that is more appropriate for display is available. Please contact MemberRecords@avma.org to request one.

  7. for what you charge you could send a nice laminated card. Every year I have to struggle if this will be the year I give up my membership. you are out of touch on your pricing.

    • The decision to switch to the new digital AVMA membership card was made for several reasons, including in response to member requests to reduce our environmental impact and be effective stewards of AVMA members’ dues. As with any change, we have received both positive and negative feedback. We truly appreciate all of these comments and will take them into consideration as we continue to review processes going forward. I want to personally thank you for your continued membership and for joining with us in a constructive dialogue as we continue building a stronger and more effective AVMA.

      Also, a ‘Remember Me’ option is available on AVMA log-in screen. This allows you to be automatically logged in every time you go to http://www.avma.org.

      For members who want to display your proof of membership in your clinic or office, a membership certificate that is more appropriate for display is available. Please contact MemberRecords@avma.org to request one.