5 reasons your boss wants you to attend AVMA Convention


From strengthening your skillset to identifying new trends, AVMA Convention 2017 is an opportunity to learn from and network with the best and brightest in the veterinary profession. Your boss, however, might not realize that employers also gain a lot when their individual employees attend the Convention. If you think your boss might need convincing, read on. Here are five excellent reasons your boss should want you to attend AVMA Convention 2017.

CE to gain new skills and strengthen current skills

You’ll learn what’s going on in veterinary medicine, discover new research, and gain new strategies and solutions to solve your practice’s biggest challenges. From the latest medical research to practice management and profitability, we’ve got you covered. You can earn more than 40 hours of CE from over 700 education sessions focused on nine content tracks, and bring that knowledge home to improve your workplace.

Stay relevant

You have to know the latest trends and how to implement them in your organization – and that’s what you’ll learn at the AVMA Convention. With an Exhibit Hall filled with more than 300 vendors offering today’s latest products and solutions, there is no better place to take the pulse of the industry. And the AVMA Convention is the only place you’ll find AVMA’s Vet Clinic Live!®, where products are demonstrated in a live clinic setting so you can see how they would work in your own practice.

 Learn from trendsetters

AVMA Convention 2017 exhibitors, speakers, and attendees are at the forefront of veterinary medicine and management. This is a great opportunity to find out how they stay ahead of the curve. You can apply those best practices in your day-to-day work.


You’ll make new connections with peers and find out how they are managing common challenges. Additionally, you’ll meet potential partners, suppliers and experts who can help address the challenges you and your co-workers face in your daily work.

 Inspire your team

You will take what you learn at AVMA Convention 2017 and share it with your team. It’s not just about your personal development, but improving your workplace. By successfully using what you learn at the AVMA Convention, you’ll help improve your practice’s bottom line!

Find more resources to help you make your case at avmaconvention.org, including an approval letter and expense worksheet to justify your trip. Whether your boss is concerned about the cost, your time away from the office or the daily needs of clients, we can help you explain the value of coming to the 2017 AVMA Convention.

Convention registration opens February 21, and we’ll have plenty of exciting news to share as we plan for the best AVMA Convention ever. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, and mark your calendar to join us July 21-25, 2017, in Indianapolis.

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