‘Twas the veterinary appointment before Christmas

As official veterinarian of the North Pole, AVMA President Dr. Tom Meyer gave Santa’s reindeer the customary examination before their trip all over the world. If you’re curious about what it takes to sign off on the official Certificate of Inspection, AVMA has dutifully recorded the tale of the veterinary examination for you. Enjoy!

‘Twas a month before Christmas, and at the North Pole
The AVMA president was about to play a most critical role.

For without healthy reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh
There’d be no presents waiting to be opened Christmas Day.

So snapping on boots, and donning a cap
Santa’s veterinarian traveled north to a spot not found on the map.

Where elves tend to reindeer in fields at play,
Brushing their fur and delivering hay.

But as Christmas approaches and travel draws near
Someone must come to examine the deer

And ensure that they’re healthy enough for their flight,
Pulling nonstop with all of their might.

And as president of the AVMA
This veterinarian has been given final medical say

To examine their fur, looking for mites
Or other critters that can cause painful bites,

With stethoscope listening for their hearts beating strong
Or signs of arrhythmia, or anything wrong.

While flying is easy for deer’s legs and hooves
It’s stressful to take off and land on so many roofs.

Hooves should be clean and free of debris
That may cause the deer to fly tenderly.

While we want to help Santa spread presents and cheer
We don’t want disease hitching a ride on the deer.

Tests will confirm there’s no brucellosis
Or chronic wasting disease, or tuberculosis.

Countries across the world need proof
That the deer won’t leave deadly bugs on the roof.

So Santa’s veterinarian fills out all the paperwork needed
To ensure the deer can cross borders unimpeded.

With certificates signed, the doctor tells St. Nick
That none of his deer are injured or sick.

From the veterinarians who work day and night,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe flight.

Santa's Reindeer Team Preflighted to Fly Thanks to Santa's Veterinarian

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