Veterinary telemedicine: What comes next?

Telemedicine-ComputerDr-GettyImages-508064826The commenting period on the AVMA Practice Advisory Panel’s Report on Telemedicine has ended, and we extend our sincere thanks to the scores of AVMA members and other concerned parties who reviewed the report’s recommendations and submitted comments.

About 100 of you heeded our call for comments on the telemedicine report, taking time to read through the report and send in your thoughts about its recommendations. Whether you read of the call for comments on this blog, in AVMA newsletters or social media, on the website or elsewhere, you recognized the importance of the telehealth dialogue and let us know how you believe AVMA can best serve veterinarians and patients.

The AVMA Board of Directors will be guided by your input as it determines the best course to help AVMA members and other veterinary professionals navigate the still-emerging realm of telemedicine.  AVMA leaders will consider your feedback as they deliberate potential AVMA policy, strategy, and resources related to telemedicine.

We anticipate leadership decisions on this issue before AVMA Convention 2017 in July. Meanwhile, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure you have the information you need to take full advantage of this emerging service opportunity, we’re preparing a session on telemedicine as part of the Convention CE program. It will include the AVMA’s guidance on hotly debated regulatory issues such as licensure and the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) as applied to telehealth. If you’re attending the AVMA Convention 2017 in Indianapolis, plan to attend “How Does Telehealth Work in Veterinary Medicine?” on Saturday, July 22. In addition to the AVMA guidance, the two-hour panel session also will address how practicing veterinarians are incorporating the appropriate use of telehealth in service delivery, and legal considerations for veterinarians interested in utilizing telehealth.

One thought on “Veterinary telemedicine: What comes next?

  1. I wonder if the VPCR is with a specific veterinarian within the practice or if it applies to all of the veterinarians that have access to the medical record for follow up treatment. Ex. If I see a pet and then it needs a follow up consult on a behavior issue for example that would be amenable to telehealth, could my partner do the follow up telehealth consult using the notes in the medical record as a starting point for the consult and still be within the AVMA suggestions of having a VPCR.