Forum to address important issues: Let us know what you think

The AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) is preparing for its summer meeting and is looking to members for input on the issues it will consider.


This year’s AVMA Annual Convention marks the hosting of the third Veterinary Information Forum (VIF), an open discussion in which AVMA HOD members address high-profile issues of significant importance to AVMA member veterinarians. This year’s topics include:

  • Marijuana therapies for animals
  • Application and definition of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship
  • Prescription monitoring programs and opioid prescribing, and
  • Service and assistance animals

The HOD will also be considering several resolutions and proposed bylaws changes, which you can read more about here.

The VIF allows an opportunity for discussion and consideration of issues brought forth by the delegates and their constituents. The topics are chosen with input from AVMA members, and the forum provides for sharing ideas and rapid response to issues if needed. Discussions related to  telemedicine at the most recent VIF, for example, led to an intensive effort on the part of AVMA volunteers and staff to develop a proposed telehealth policy, as well as the creation of telehealth resources that are now in development and will be made available to our members free of charge.

House members recently reached out to their constituents by email to encourage input on the topics to be considered during this summer’s VIF.

We encourage all AVMA members to take a few minutes to review all of the issues on the HOD agenda and contact the delegates who represent you in the HOD to share your thoughts on these issues before the meeting.

One thought on “Forum to address important issues: Let us know what you think

  1. I went to a holistic veterinarian as a last resort .
    My primary veterinarian said that we should put the animal “out of its misery”.
    We asked the Holistic vet about cannabis therapy and he recommended a particular product that was available through local dispensary. He cautioned me about the over the counter “PET MEDS”.
    That was several months ago and our dog is chasing frisbeees again.

    Please allow responsible veterinarians to prescribe the treatment that works.

    They deserve it.