Join your AVMA leaders at WSAVA Congress in Denmark

WSAVA-logo-375AVMA President Dr. Mike Topper will attend this year’s World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we invite other interested AVMA members to join him there.

AVMA members enjoy discounted WSAVA member pricing for the Sept. 25-28 conference because the AVMA is a WSAVA member association.

Dr. Topper will represent the AVMA at this international meeting together with Dr. Laurel Kaddatz, who represents the AVMA in the WSAVA Assembly. Any other AVMA members or U.S. veterinarians attending the WSAVA Congress are invited to join Drs. Topper and Kaddatz for an informal gathering on Wednesday, Sept. 27, anytime between 9 a.m. and noon, in meeting room 6-7 at the Bella Centre. There’s no set agenda for the gathering; your AVMA representatives are just interested in hearing what is important to you. Please RSVP to if you plan to drop in on Drs. Topper and Kaddatz on Sept. 27.

In light of growing concerns about the risks of inherited conditions and the welfare issues they raise for companion animals, WSAVA also is hosting a pre-Congress outreach seminar on Healthy Breeding, which will be held Sept. 23 at The University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science.  WSAVA guidelines that will be introduced during this year’s Congress include Global Dental Guidelines that address the important role of oral care in the complete health of companion animals.

WSAVA is an association made up of veterinary organizations from all over the world that work together to advance the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide. Currently, 101 national, regional, and specialty associations—representing almost 200,000 individual veterinarians—are WSAVA members.

All AVMA members are also members of WSAVA by virtue of your AVMA’s membership. This means that AVMA members have full access to the wealth of information provided by WSAVA, which includes guidelines and references that busy companion animal veterinarians find valuable in everyday practice.

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Drs. Topper and Kaddatz look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!

2 thoughts on “Join your AVMA leaders at WSAVA Congress in Denmark

  1. Am a veterinarian from Pakistan and practicing in Small Animals.I am not a member of AVMA or WSAVA. Can i attend the said Congress.Looking forward for a response