Test your animal welfare IQ: A working dogs assessment

Animal Welfare Assessment: Working Dogs Test Your SkillsEnsuring that animals are properly housed, cared for, treated and socialized is of critical importance to veterinarians. But analyzing an animal’s living situation to accurately assess the animal’s welfare is much more complex than many people realize.

Our latest animal welfare assessment quiz gives you the opportunity to test your evaluation skills in a real animal welfare scenario involving working dogs. The quiz presents two fictional working dogs—a police dog and a guide dog—and asks a series of 10 questions comparing the welfare of each animal in a variety of categories including housing, medical history, work schedule, and more.

We challenge you to take the working dogs quiz to test yourself and learn about the intricacies of animal welfare assessment. This is the third installment in our animal welfare quiz series, and you can expand your knowledge even further by taking our other assessments looking at working horses and breeding farm llamas.

All three quizzes are based on scenarios presented to competitors at AVMA’s annual Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest (AWJAC), held every fall. Funded by AVMA and Merck, the two-day event educates participants in the integration of science-based methods and ethical standards to conduct animal welfare assessments across a broad range of scenarios.

This year’s contest will be held in November, and applications are open now for both students and AVMA members to participate.

Originally open only to students, the contest expanded last year to include opportunities for AVMA member veterinarians as well. Up to five AVMA members will be selected to attend the event as non-competing participants, receiving stipends of up to $1,000 each toward travel costs. But the deadline to apply is fast approaching.  If you are interested in becoming more proficient in animal welfare assessments, complete the AVMA member application form and return it by Sept. 25.

Students: Enter by Oct. 9

The AWJAC curriculum provides a unique opportunity for students to hone critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills while also learning about animal welfare. After evaluating several hypothetical and live scenarios, students present their findings to veterinary and animal welfare experts who serve as judges. Awards are given to the highest-scoring individuals and teams in each student division. Competing is an excellent way to connect with fellow veterinary or undergraduate students as well as veterinary professionals from around the country. Student application forms are due Oct. 9.

Visit AWJAC.org  to learn more about how you can attend the event, either as a student or as an AVMA member.

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