Cannabis resource published for AVMA members

More tools to come

Cannabis Tools for Client Discussions and Patient SafetyWith many states allowing medicinal marijuana use in humans, and some allowing recreational use as well, it’s important for veterinarians to understand both the legal status of marijuana and the risks it can pose to patients.

A new document available exclusively to AVMA members provides comprehensive background information that will help you understand the legal aspects of cannabis use in animals; field questions and advise clients who are interested in marijuana therapies for their pets; and identify toxic exposures.

Cannabis: What Veterinarians Need to Know addresses a broad range of important topics, including:

  • The legal status of medicinal marijuana in veterinary medicine
  • How cannabinoids function
  • Marijuana risks to pets
  • Clinical signs and treatment of acute marijuana toxicosis
  • Effects of chronic marijuana exposure

Available on the Cannabis Use and Pets page of our website, the document is the first in a series of cannabis-related materials the AVMA is developing as a resource for our members. Future tools will include information on medicinal marijuana in pets, and educational materials you can share directly with clients.

5 thoughts on “Cannabis resource published for AVMA members

  1. Despite the CBD oil being illegal as indicated in this article, pet owners are acquiring it and they want direction. I hope the following sections on this topic will give us useful information and I hope it will be very soon. I look forward to some clarity in all this….smoke.

    • You can register as a non-AVMA member to access the AVMA bookstore; click on the document link above and you will then see the prompts for creating an account. Once you have log-in access, click on that document link again, and it should download a PDF for free.

    • There are some CBD products specifically for pets that are completely legal and pose no health threat to the pet. Green Gorilla and Pet Releaf both make fantastic CBD oils for pets that are 100% from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant, so there is absolutely no THC. I have used them for my pets (dog and cats) with no negative effects.

  2. I am not a member of the AVMA but I do work in the veterinary industry — is there a way that I can get a copy of this report?