Federal action could offer opportunity to resume AVMA LIFE health insurance offering

Veterinary Voices Guiding Public PolicyAn executive order signed by President Donald Trump may provide an opportunity for AVMA LIFE Trust to again provide health insurance for our members, and we are pursuing all avenues to make this possible.

The October 2017 executive order, “Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States,” outlines three health care-related areas that the administration intends to prioritize: association health plans; short-term, limited-duration insurance; and health reimbursement arrangements.

As a result of the executive order, the U.S. Department of Labor on Jan. 5 released a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding association health plans (AHPs). The proposal seeks to expand the conditions that satisfy the requirements under existing Labor Department advisory opinions interpreting the definition of an “employer” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in a manner that would focus on associations.

Under the proposed rule, association health plans that meet certain conditions would have the means of partnering to offer a single group health plan subject to the same state and federal regulatory structure as other ERISA-covered employee welfare benefit plans by expanding the definition of an employer-employee relationship.

The Labor Department is soliciting public comments on the proposal through March 6. AVMA and AVMA LIFE are closely reviewing the rule and will submit comments on the proposed framework.

For 57 years, AVMA LIFE (previously AVMA Group Health & Life Insurance Trust) provided health care coverage to veterinarians and their families. That ended in 2014, due to regulatory changes resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Trump administration’s new proposal might make it possible for AVMA LIFE to again offer health insurance to members.

We’ll continue updating members on this issue as key developments occur.

8 thoughts on “Federal action could offer opportunity to resume AVMA LIFE health insurance offering

  1. Health care has gotten so expensive. While comprehensive coverage is nice, a simple major medical option would be very much appreciated. I am healthy with no medical issues. I don’t need nor want a plan with a lot of bells and whistles to drive prices up.

  2. I hope we can have the same quality care again! My insurance premium is double my mortgage and did not cover my husbands and my colonoscopies last year as we had a family history so they weren’t preventative? What are we paying for 🙁 at least I knew what to expect with AVMA GHLIT

  3. We currently have short term health coverage and very little is covered. Please make sure the AVMA plans cover preexisting conditions, cancer, and injuries. What I’m asking is that they are comprehensive. Maybe not to the extent ACA policies were, but provide us good affordable coverage for us and our families. I am fearful of getting injured on the job (equine practitioner) because there was only one plan offered in our area and it was outrageously priced.

  4. Praying for the day of some kind of relief! My family premiums have gone from $800 to $2200 per month in the last 5 years and my maximum out of pocket doubled.

  5. I think you threw us to the wolves with very little help in 2014. Most of us knew very little about purchasing health insurance except that we got good service from AVMA GLIT.

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