AVMA stays on the cutting edge of telehealth

Veterinary use of telemedicine runs across a broad spectrum, from practices that have integrated virtual care seamlessly to support patient care and client communication to those that are just beginning to think and learn about the concept.

AVMA member Dr. Shea Cox at ATA18

At the AVMA, we’re committed to providing resources to help all of our members implement telemedicine in ways that make the most sense for you, your patients, and your clients. To do that, we work hard to stay abreast of what’s happening in this rapidly evolving healthcare space.

Last weekend, AVMA volunteer leaders and staff joined other veterinary professionals at the American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference and Expo (ATA18), with just that purpose in mind. There, we connected with colleagues from human medicine, as well as technology experts and telehealth industry representatives, to deepen those relationships and take advantage of what others have learned from their implementation of telehealth.

Topics addressed ranged from technological solutions, such as artificial intelligence, geospatial tracking, and digital diagnostic equipment and services, to applications of telehealth, including remote patient monitoring, incorporation into disaster relief efforts, and creative approaches to combatting the opioid epidemic. There even was discussion about using telehealth to improve wellbeing for healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine is transforming the ways in which patient care is delivered, and will continue to do so. By attending conferences like ATA18, the AVMA is able to stay on the cutting edge of research, innovation, and collaboration in the digital space, so we can continue to help AVMA members apply the convenience and benefits of telemedicine to the high-quality veterinary care you provide for your patients every day.

Visit our Telehealth Resource Center to find a variety of tools, including steps for implementing telemedicine in your practice, a checklist of questions you can use to evaluate possible service providers, descriptions of telemedicine service models in use by some of your veterinary colleagues, and more. We’re continuing to build on these resources to help you take advantage of the opportunities and navigate the challenges of telehealth. Plus, we’ll be offering a variety of telemedicine CE opportunities in Denver at AVMA Convention 2018—including the innovative Vet Clinic Live!® Connected Care Journey, through which attendees can meet with companies at the forefront of the connected patient experience, explore telehealth scenarios, and gather valuable information and tools to help you provide the best care to your patients. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to integrate virtual care as an extension of your veterinary practice!

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