Celebrate the human-animal bond during National Pet Week

The AVMA proudly sponsors National Pet Week® each year in the first full week of May, celebrating the special bonds between pets and people. This event provides an opportunity to deepen your connections with clients and educate pet owners about the importance of providing a lifetime of love to animal companions of all shapes and sizes.

Every day of National Pet Week® incorporates a different theme:

  • Sunday – Choose well, commit for life
  • Monday – Socialize now. New doesn’t have to be scary.
  • Tuesday – Nutrition and exercise matter.
  • Wednesday – Love your pet? See your vet!
  • Thursday – Pet population control: Know your role.
  • Friday – Emergencies happen. Be prepared.
  • Saturday – Give them a lifetime of love.

To help you observe National Pet Week® and share these essential actions, the AVMA provides an extensive toolkit of veterinary clinic resources for AVMA members to use to bring the celebration into your hospitals and communities, including:

Pet Week begins on Sunday—remember to celebrate in your clinic! Learn more about National Pet Week® at petweek.org.

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