Dr. David Scarfe

Overseeing many of the AVMA’s animal agriculture and aquatic veterinary initiatives, as well as myriad other issues, Dr. David Scarfe blended decades of international experience as a university professor, private practitioner, rancher and businessman in addressing topics important to the AVMA and the veterinary profession.

Dr. Scarfe was born and educated in South Africa. He has traveled extensively in his native region and has sailed broad expanses of both the Indian and Atlantic oceans. After working in numerous countries, he topped off his professional career with a veterinary degree from Texas A&M University.

When not fulfilling his primary AVMA responsibilities, which covered everything from agriculture to zoos, he looked for every opportunity to fulfill his never-ending desire to sail, fly small aircraft, ride horses in the mountains with his kids and grandkids, and spend time with his family. He retired from the AVMA in 2015.

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