Kim Kishbaugh

Kim Kishbaugh is the AVMA’s assistant director for electronic communications, within the AVMA Communications Division. As such, she oversees all of AVMA’s electronic communications operations, including websites and electronic newsletters.

Kim holds a B.S. in Communications from the University of Illinois and spent years working in news and trade journalism before joining the AVMA in 2008. This included 13 years with City News Bureau of Chicago, the storied “boot camp” of Chicago journalism, where she served as both chief copy editor and assistant city editor. She also worked for nearly 10 years as an editor and website director for Reed Business Information, managing websites for trade magazines that served the electronics and hospitality industries.

A long-time animal lover, Kim grew up in rural Illinois, where she had numerous dogs, a pair of rabbits and even a chicken as pets. She now lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her family, which includes two rescue dogs and has, in the past, included hamsters, frogs and fish. She is the only person she knows who has ever paid for surgery for a hamster.