Dr. Kimberly May

Dr. Kimberly (Kim) May was the department director of communications in the AVMA’s Marketing & Communications Division – a fancy title for a job that’s cheerleader, mouthpiece, writer, media darling, scout, resident social media specialist, Observer of Scary, Squiggly Things and “other duties as assigned,” all rolled into one.

A diehard Hokie, Dr. May spent a total of 11 years of her life on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va. – first as an undergraduate student, followed by veterinary school and later by a residency in large animal surgery and a year on the faculty as a clinical instructor in the large animal surgery department. She attained ACVS board certification in large animal surgery in 2000 and worked in private equine practices and referral practices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia before coming to the AVMA in October 2005.

Outside of work, Dr. May spends her time with Crackerjack the mule (best known for her peppermint addiction), and Ricki the Quarter Horse. She adopts senior dogs, especially those with medical conditions or terminal disease such as cancer, and finds great reward in knowing that the dogs' last days - however few or many they may be - were in a loving home instead of a shelter. Her current senior, Ladybug, spent 2 years in a shelter before finding her permanent, loving home with Dr. May.