Kristin Poppalardo

Kristin Poppalardo worked as a State Policy Analyst in the Communications Division’s Department of State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. While working at the AVMA, she spent her days monitoring and analyzing state legislation and regulations that impact the practice of veterinary medicine and animal welfare issues. Kristin also researched current state laws regarding animal welfare and veterinary practice to distinguish how states across the country deal with different issues. When requested, she also assisted state VMAs in their advocacy efforts.

Kristin graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. She worked in various positions in the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives before coming to the AVMA as a state policy analyst.

Kristin is a die-hard Michigan State Spartan fan and recovering political junkie. When she is not working, Kristin enjoys watching football with her husband Matt, spending time with friends and family, and riding horses. Kristin grew up with many pets but is currently down to two cats, Moxon and Lily, both of whom, as her husband says, “wear the pants in the family”.