AVMA-hosted Webinar – New Canadian Aquatic Veterinary Import Requirements

To help veterinarians understand new Canadian regulations for importing farm-raised live aquatic animals into Canada, the AVMA will host a webinar this Thursday, June 20, for USDA-APHIS National Center for Import & Export staff to explain the requirements.  Registration is … read more >

2013 Aquatic Veterinary Student & New Graduate Scholarship Program

The World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation have combined efforts making scholarships available to support veterinary students’ and new veterinary graduates’ involvement in aquatic veterinary medicine. Applications for 2013 Scholarships … read more >

Are you ready to renew your National Veterinary Accreditation?

Accredited veterinarians – accreditation renewal has already started. The following information provided by AVMA will help members ensure they meet the new National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) requirements. If you elected to participate in the revised NVAP and submitted the … read more >

AVMA Now: Illegal Pharmacy Practices, Scope of Practice, and Guidelines on Euthanasia

The latest episode of AVMA Now is available for viewing. Featuring important member updates from the AVMA, this week’s topics include member resources for reporting illegal pharmacy issues, scope of practice advocacy, and the 2013 AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia … read more >

2013 Edition of the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals Published

Good news! The long-awaited 2013 edition of the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals has been published and it, together with an Executive Summary, can be accessed as a .pdf on the AVMA website. An e-reader-friendly version will be … read more >

2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook: Hot off the Presses

What’s the latest pet population tally? How often are pets seeing the veterinarian? How much are pet owners spending on veterinary care?  These questions and many, many more are answered in the AVMA’s 2012 edition of the U.S. Pet Ownership … read more >