WHO antimicrobial guidelines fall short of protecting human and animal health

The World Health Organization (WHO) released guidelines for antibiotic use this week that place unwarranted restrictions on the use of antibiotics that are needed to protect animal health and safeguard the nation’s food supply. Furthermore, these restrictions are based, in … read more >

AVMA launches new resources on animal transport and travel

Collectively, people move hundreds of thousands of animals from one place to another across the nation and around the world every day. To help reduce risks posed to animals, people, and ecosystems by such travel, countries, territories, states, and even … read more >

Minimizing Antiparasitic Resistance in Grazing Animals

With the many species and conditions veterinarians treat, there’s a continual need for commercially available drugs that are both safe and efficacious, including those against parasites. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently made a variety of resources available … read more >