Webinars Explore AAHA-AVMA Pet Healthcare Guidelines

The good news is that there have never been so many pets in our homes, providing families endless hours of joy and companionship. Our pets also benefit from the best veterinary doctors and technology ever available. Sadly, though, evidence shows … read more >

Task Force Releases Proposed Revisions of AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act

A special task force has drafted proposed revisions to the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act, after receiving about 1,000 comments from AVMA members and the public earlier this year. Proposed changes include additional recognition of  veterinary technician credentialing, clarifications of  “direct” and “indirect” … read more >

‘Tech’-nically Speaking

The folks in our Education and Research Division’s Center for Veterinary Medical Education Accreditation will be logging quite a few miles into the foreseeable future as they visit veterinary technician programs around the country that are either seeking first-time accreditation … read more >