Clarification regarding the New Graduate Starting Salary Calculator

The AVMA sincerely apologizes for any misunderstandings regarding the gender wage gap resulting from the recent online release of its New Graduate Starting Salary Calculator. Although this calculator was debuted during the March 2016 Student AVMA Symposium to rave reviews, … read more >

Partners for Healthy Pets resource helps you better integrate preventive care

You know the value that preventive care brings to your patients, but perhaps you’re not certain how you can focus your efforts to deliver the best preventive care possible. The AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association collaborated to develop … read more >

AVMA advocates for veterinary licensing in U.S. waters outside state Jurisdiction

Why is the AVMA advocating for this? The AVMA with guidance by its Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee wants to bridge a critical gap in the regulations and better protect, promote, and advance health and welfare of the farmed aquatic animals … read more >