Toolkit helps practices set up monthly wellness plans for clients

Your clients are used to making monthly payments for their gym membership, electric and phone service, and many other regular-use services. Is the idea of distributing payments for their pet’s preventive care similarly appealing? Monthly wellness plans can make preventive … read more >

Nominations sought for at-large position on new AVMA Committee on Antimicrobials

The AVMA Board of Directors recently established the Committee on Antimicrobials (CoA), which will be advisory to the board and will have oversight of all antimicrobial issues for the AVMA. Bringing such expertise and oversight into a single entity promises … read more >

NACIQI recommends continued recognition of COE by U.S. Department of Education, will host listening session at AVMA convention

The AVMA Council on Education (COE), the accrediting body for veterinary medical colleges, achieved an important milestone on June 24. The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) is a U.S. Department of Education (USDE) committee that advises the U.S. … read more >